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Stylin’ in the Cold

Karina Cadette | College ’16

Looking cute in the cold weather can be a tall order as we all get out our big puffy jackets. But Karina makes it look easy in her Urban Outfitters jacket, American Eagle jeans and Report boots from Nordstrom Rack. This stylish Mathematic Economics major tops off the look with a scarf from Urban Outfitters, shades from Nordstrom Rack and a beanie from H&M. And no need to worry about layering –Karina is also rocking a sweatshirt from Pink under her jacket. This girl has outwear in the bag, so I had to ask her what style advice she would give to her peers. “My advice is to let your style reflect your personality” says Cadette. When asked about her fashion icon, she says “Whoever I want to channel that day – it can be Beyonce, Aaliyah, Olivia Pope, anyone!”

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