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During the first few months of quarantine, I struggled a lot with maintaining my style. Because I wasn’t seeing my peers or going outside my house, I had a severe lack of motivation when trying to find things to wear or even with small details like putting on mascara. It just felt pointless. What was the point of making myself look nice when I was trapped at home? It wasn’t until midway through quarantine that I realized I could get out of this slump, and ultimately, I discovered that it’s far more important to look good for myself than for anyone else. If you’re stuck inside struggling with maintaining your style just like I was, look below for some easy inspiration to maintain your look while quarantining. 

Stay Inspired

It may seem obvious, but one of the most important things to do during quarantine is to find a source of motivation. For me, creating Pinterest boards with fashion inspiration and different makeup looks was the key to staying on top of my personal style. Fashion is an art, and there are tons of YouTube tutorials and online inspo! On TikTok, there are fashion accounts that post daily outfit pictures. They’ll show you an entire outfit – accessories and all – which is so helpful when I’m stuck inside.

Plan Virtual Dates With Themed Outfits

One of the most important things that helped keep me going was planning themed virtual dates with my friends. Every month, we’d have a Zoom hangout that had different outfit aesthetics, ranging from cocktail to euphoria to sweatpants. It was a nice way to stay motivated, and it also gave me an excuse to dress up or “dress down” according to the theme. It was also really fun to see my friends and show off an outfit.

Fashion is a form of expression, and the way we dress ourselves is a reflection of our personality. Regardless of how we think about ourselves, the truth is that getting feedback or compliments on our outfits can feel great — and making time for our friends and cultivating positivity around our sense of style is so important! I definitely recommend doing virtual dates with your friends, especially when you can get all cute and dolled up for fun. 

Do A Clean Out

Are you struggling to figure out what to do with the free time you now have? One of the most productive things I’ve done this past summer is a complete overhaul of my closet. The greatest enemy to a perfect closet is clutter. No matter what you think, you don’t need that sweater you had at the beginning of high school that doesn’t quite fit the same. Seriously, decide what you’re going for and get rid of anything else.

For me, I decided I wanted to stick to a minimalist theme with little to no crazy colors. So what did I do? I donated my brightly colored clothes (including from my middle school leopard print phase) and promised myself I would only buy clothes fitting that color scheme and nothing else. Even though the change took a while and it was hard to let go of some of my clothes, it actually made me feel a lot better about my style and what I wear. A closet clean-out is mentally refreshing too, so I definitely recommend it.  

It’s easy to lose track of our fashion sense while we’re cooped up inside and not seeing many people in-person, but little changes every day can make a huge difference in how we feel about our style. Every Friday, I’m excited to do something new with my eye makeup for class and accessorize with a necklace. Checking inspiration boards and sending my outfit of the day to my friends also helps, and I know that after quarantine ends, I’ll be thanking myself for not losing sight of my personal style.  

Mahaa Ayub

U Penn '23

Mahaa is a sophomore studying health and societies. She is interested in global health and charity work, specifically tutoring and helping West Philly kids.
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