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Self-Salutations and Forever Friends

    We all have those ups and downs during the semester. No matter whether you find yourself up or down, it’s always good to have those special people to help you navigate during those rough times. You never know how low you might get even if you might be feeling high as kite at the moment. Lately, I’ve been hearing of turmoil and restlessness among many peers. I’ve seen the tears and heard the worries—although, the week before everything was just right.

It’s always good to know who to talk to when you’re feeling down about tests or even life. For some, family and friends back home might be the voices that you want to hear when you’re not in the mood for Penn; but for others, you might want a nearby body that can show you the love and support you’re needing in that moment. Many of us get in the cycle of thinking that everyone is too busy for our feelings/troubles or don’t want to bother people during Midterm Season. However, not expressing yourself can do more damage than you might think. Remember that your friends are there for you through thick and thin. In fact, it’s always nice to check up on a friend and remind them about that open invitation concerning their well-being.

There are many resources and people around Penn that can offer more support if needed. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are always around the corner to lend a helping ear and aid to anyone. Remember that you are not on this journey alone and that there are many people around campus that are here to listen / catch you if you need help. But, no one can ever hear or catch you if you never ask for help or just take the chance to fall.










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