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Sarah Henry (C’18)

Name: Sarah Henry


Major: Finance and Marketing


Hometown: Manhasset, NY


Relationship Status: Single, shockingly.


Best Quality? Always smiling.


Worst Quality? ALWAYS smiling…


Celeb Crush: Chuck Bass! Or wait, no the other one…Nate Archibald? No but I like Chuck Bass! Okay, both


Describe the hook up culture at Penn in 3 words: Hit and run


Favorite BYO: Marrakesh, because you get to eat with your hands


Favorite Drunk eating spot on campus: Zestos, because they know me well there at this point


Sabsiest place to study: Is that even a question? Outside Frontera


Advice to your freshman year self: Relax


Favorite Penn social event: I don’t know if this counts as an event, but I drink wine on Wednesdays  


Best restaurant to go with your parents: Parc Brunch


Describe downtowns in 3 words: I’d rather not 

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