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Popping Your Way to a Happier Stomach

If you know me then you know I have popcorn kernels in my kitchen at all times. Yes, that’s right – popcorn kernels. None of those microwavable or pre-popped bags, but fresh, un-popped kernels. What can I say? I love them – everything about them! From watching a mere tablespoon of kernels explode into cups of popcorn over the stove to the sound of the crunch when I bite into that first, steaming, piece. There is just nothing like a big bowl of fresh, stove top popcorn. Just throw a little oil in a pan, add some kernels, and watch (and listen to) the magic happen.

In my opinion, popcorn is the perfect snack for any occasion, and if you get a little creative and give your popcorn a little TLC then it can also satisfy any craving. Here are some of my favorite ways to spruce up a simple batch of popcorn. Easy, healthy and delicious, I promise these popcorn hacks will not disappoint.

1.   Craving something sweet?



2.  Craving something salty? (Okay, this is sweet too, but I couldn’t help myself…how yummy does this sound! I promise it is!)



3. Craving something savory?



4. Craving something spicy?



Undergraduate student in the class of 2016 at The University of Pennsylvania studying English and Journalism. Avid triathlete. Aspiring ironman (woman). Lover of all things food and/or fitness related. Dog lover (especially my toy poodle, Martini).
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