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Poppin’ in Pink

Glorie Parris

College | Class of ’16

What’s the occasion? Penn Fashion Week Opening Night!

What inspired you to wear this?“I chose it because I wanted to wear something nice that I could wear to class before and not be overdressed in, while still being comfortable and professional.”

Who’s your style inspiration/icon? “I wouldn’t say I have a style icon; I mostly wear whatever I find that is both comfortable and looks good on me. That being said, Rihanna and Solange both dress pretty well and have diverse wardrobes. They have a good personal style without letting that ‘look’ suffocate and limit their options. I think Rihanna tends to err on the edgy side and Solange on the trendy side. And I also think Rihanna is cool because she has great music and the fact that she is from the Caribbean, and Solange is an awesome person because of her music and because she chose to live in Brooklyn (the best borough).”

  • All clothes (except boots) from H&M
  • Combat boots from boutique in Soho
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