Perry Castillo

I’m Perry, a senior in the College majoring in International Relations. One of my favorite hobbies is producing electronic music. If I’m not doing homework, using my sous vide machine, or hanging out with friends, then I’m most likely in my (bedroom) studio. So far I’ve had a pretty enjoyable senior year (minus the ongoing recruiting process). I recently played at Backwoods Music Festival in Oklahoma under my duo project “Blind Prism,” which is with another Penn student who’s a music major here. Aside from Blind Prism, I’m really looking forward to finally releasing some tunes under my new solo project “sands”.

Name: Perry Castillo

Hometown: Los Angeles

Relationship Status: Single

Major: International Relations

Best quality about yourself: Easy-going

Worst quality: Too much of a perfectionist, especially with my music productions

Favorite BYO: Charles Plaza (R.I.P.), now I’d have to say it’s Kilimandjaro!

Favorite drunk eating spot on campus: Royal Pizza (mainly because it’s literally across the street from my place, but they also have really good gyros and cheesesteaks)

Three artists you get inspiration from: Flume, Odesza, Trails

An artist you absolutely despise: I don’t know if there’s anyone in particular who I despise, but I do despise producers that solely follow trends because it’s what’s considered popular at the moment and/or because it is the most profitable. I think it’s important to stay true to your inner-creativity

Current five fave song recommendations:

1) Big Wild – Invincible

2) Trails – A Flume Tribute

3) Kaytranada – You’re The One

4) Jerry Folk – Life Under Water

5) Flume – Smoke & Retribution

Most underrated artist: Ekali

Favorite event at Penn: Homecoming

Advice for freshman year self: As cliché as it might sound, I would advise my freshman year self to follow my passion. Ultimately, we only have so much time, so I believe it’s worthwhile to do something that you love

A festival you dream about playing at: Lollapalooza (I saw Flume there in 2014, which basically launched my interest to learn how to produce electronic music)