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Penn’s NOMsense Bakery!

This week the HerCampus team got to speak with the cofounders of the new, “nomsensical,” NOMsense Bakery. How’s that for alliteration? Read on to find out more about their delicious take on the dessert industry and how baking together in the Radian has transformed into a full-blown start-up right here on Penn’s campus!

                                                   (left to right) Rachel, Roopa, and Alina 

Alina Wong, Rachel Stewart, and Roopa Shankar would be the first to let you know that their cookie creations are a bit outrageous and unconventional. “Every one of our baked goods seem a little wacko, a little funky, a little out there, a little nonsensical,” they said, “but it works, and you want to try it!” Each cookie sandwich has a distinct formula; combine two innovative cookies, utilize a never-before done filling, drizzle, or glaze, and finish with a delectable topping.


During one of their usual baking sessions, one specific creation stood out from the rest. Peers tasted their “biscoff gingerbread cookie crumble crostata” and came to the verdict that it was good enough to sell. With this discovery, the idea for NOMsense Bakery was born. After countless meetings at the Starbucks under Commons, Alina, Rachel, and Roopa have come a long way. They recently had a tasting event at the end of February where Penn students ordered dessert sample plates of 3 flavors in advance on Venmo.

So far, NOMsense Bakery has developed 5 mouth-watering flavors of CHOCOMON, CRUNCH, MINTACCINO, LEMOGRAHAM, and OATBERRY. Their creativity is found in the names, but Alina, Rachel, and Roopa put a lot of effort making sure these flavor combinations would be a hit with customers. They held focus groups and interview sessions to discuss sweetness levels, crunch factors, and textures. The menu consists of a mix of fruity, sweet, chocolate, or non-chocolate tastes. “We want people to read our list of flavors and think to themselves that they can’t choose since everything just sounds so darn good,” they said.

NOMsense Bakery is focused on marketing, fulfilling orders, developing their logo, and branching out into catering. “Our hope is that students on campus not only reach out to us for meetings and club events, but also for birthday gatherings, personal consumption, and gifts for friends.” NOMsense is dedicated to creating a customer community surrounding their yummy creations. They call their customers “NOMers” and take pictures of them for their Instagram: @nomsensebakery. 

My mouth is watering just reading their list of creations! 

the Chocomon (chocolate & cinnamon) = snickerdoodle cookie studded with toffee pieces, chocolate cake ganache filling, semisweet chocolate drizzle, cinnamon toast crunch topping

the Crunch (toffee & chocolate peanut butter apple) = peanut butter cookie, apple spice cake mixed with vanilla frosting, semisweet chocolate and peanut butter drizzle, toffee pieces topping

the Mintaccino (chocolate mint & espresso) = espresso double chocolate chunk cookie, mint cream vanilla frosting filling, semisweet chocolate drizle, oreo cookie crumble topping

the Lemograham (lemon & graham cracker) = lemon cake cookie, raspberry jam and marshmellow fluff with graham cracker pieces filling, sugar lemon glaze, graham cracker dust topping

the Oatberry (oatmeal & berry) = oatmeal cookie, strawberry cake and raspberry jam cream cheese frosting filling, peanut butter drizzle, vanilla wafer crumble topping


Make to check out NOMsense Bakery at www.facebook.com/NOMsensebakery and Instagram: @nomsensebakery

Send your queries about orders to nomsensebakery@gmail.com

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