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Out With the Old, in With the New: Why You Should Invest in Pajamas

This last March, I was thrilled to hear that in-person school was cancelled and spring break was extended. Soon, however, the harsh reality of the situation set in: the pandemic had gotten dire enough that we would not be going back to school. With this new lifestyle adjustment came a new staple in my wardrobe: loungewear. Specifically, I became obsessed with pajama sets. 

Pajama, or PJ, sets have a matching top and bottom and come in many different styles. They can be long or short-sleeved, with pajama shorts or pants. Before quarantine, I wasn’t the type of person to stay in pajamas all day; getting dressed would motivate me to start the day. However, I have developed a newfound appreciation for loungewear in my everyday life. Here’s why:

PJ sets are comfortable

PJ sets are unmatched by regular clothing, because, of course, they’re pajamas! They’re super soft and usually loose-fitting – the exact opposite of uncomfortable jeans or work attire. You no longer need to sit at a classroom desk, wearing a tight pair of jeans all day. Take advantage of it!

PJ sets are stylish

Who said PJs have to be boring? PJ sets come in many different styles, in varying patterns and materials. Some of my personal favorites are tie dye, snake skin, and cheetah patterns; but you can never go wrong with a solid-colored set. 

The wide variety of fabrics is also a great feature. Cotton or linen is super breathable and great for warmer days, while waffle or velvet can be super comfy for cold winter days. 

These matching sets are chic, and they will make you feel instantly fashionable, despite the fact that you’re wearing pajamas. Because PJ sets are so diverse, you can wear different patterns or styles for different occasions or moods. Another super fun thing to do is to buy a pair to match with your family or roommates! Pajamas even come in holiday patterns if you want to get into the holiday spirit!

PJ sets are easy

PJ sets match. There’s no need to waste time picking a cute outfit as it already comes with a top and bottom. This eliminates the stress and pressure of getting dressed in the morning since you already have pre-set outfits picked out; no more being late to class!  

PJ sets make you feel put together

This may sound ironic, but don’t judge it till you try it! Matching PJ sets are just that – matching. They make me feel organized and ready to take on the day, even if I’m in my pajamas in the comfort of my own home. The best part is that matching sets are even acceptable outside of the house. Many celebrities have been seen wearing matching PJ sets as they run errands or head to dinner (safely). Some have even dressed them up, pairing their loungewear with heels and makeup! 

PJ sets motivate you

PJ sets are the perfect in-between clothing. They’re comfortable, but also let me change out of the pajamas that I actually slept in the night before. I can look forward to getting dressed, but still be comfy, confident, and stylish. When it’s so easy to get dressed in the morning, I’m much more likely to get ready for the day. Just changing my clothes motivates me to get out of bed, brush my hair, and eat breakfast, setting me up for a productive day.  

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in getting dressed every morning, not staying in the clothes you slept in for a day filled with Zoom classes and meetings. Loungewear is the perfect compromise when you don’t feel like it’s worth getting dressed. 

Everyone’s style has changed over the duration of quarantine. Some people vary the formality of their outfits depending on the day, while others have gone from regular work attire to only wearing sweatpants. We’re all adjusting to and going through a tough time right now. No matter what your life looks like, comfort is key to helping us stay sane and preventing burn-out. PJ sets can provide just that.

Abby Blick

U Penn '24

Abby Blick is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying the Biological Basis of Behavior. She is from Long Island, New York and loves her dog, the NY Rangers, and Netflix.
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