Natalie Hong Choy

Name: Natalie Hong Choy

Hometown: Hong Kong and London

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Finance and Management

Best quality about yourself: I adopt a growth mindset

Worst quality: I worry a lot 

Celeb crush: Adrien Brody

Favorite BYO: Fogo de Chau

Favorite drunk eating spot on campus: Wishbone 

Current 3 fave song recommendations: Faded - Zhu, Bam Bam - Sister Nancy (and all remixes of this), Sweet Emotion - The Kooks 

Someone you really want to see in concert: Radiohead!! All time fave 

Favorite travel destination: London

Your guilty pleasure: All things chocolate 

A TV show everyone should watch: The Office

The last movie that made you cry: Detachment

Favorite event at Penn: Darties 

Advice for freshman year self: Enjoy! 

Childhood AIM/Instant Messenger screenname: roxxy23