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My Favorite Pieces from the Marc Jacobs Heaven Collection

The Marc Jacobs Heaven collection is finally here! The creative minds behind the subversive line are Marc Jacobs himself, and Ava Nirui, an up and coming fashion creative in the company. The collection is geared toward younger generations and takes inspiration from the grunge era. It’s filled with angst, and many of the pieces are teenage fashion dreams. 

In the words of Marc Jacobs, “Heaven draws upon the origins of the Marc Jacobs impulse: subversion, teenage daydreams, alienation nation, queer youth, toxic shock valley girls, candy ravers, apocalypse sugar, psychedelic fantasia, girls who are boys and boys who are girls, those who are neither, negative space, day–glo dystopia, suburban euphoria and the multifaceted characters who have made up the Marc Jacobs universe for the past 30 years.” 

It’s clear that the Heaven collection is gender non–conforming, which means it’s for everyone. The polysexual collection seeks to blur gender lines by including models from all backgrounds and refusing to advertise to any one demographic.

Here are my five favorite pieces:

Sparkle Star Tank 

Coming in fifth place is the "Sparkle Star Tank" in purple. There’s something so nostalgic about this tank; it transports me straight back to the '90s. The sparkle and star detail both add something fun and youthful to the top. 

To style: pair this top with some straight–leg levis, a baseball cap, and some fun sneakers or cowboy boots for a retro, sporty look.

Superstar Knit

Fourth place goes to the “Superstar Knit.” There are a lot of funky sweaters in the collection, but the purple and orange color scheme of this one complement each other so well. Furthermore, the see–through element of this sweater makes the piece more versatile—you can choose to show off another article of clothing under the sweater or just wear it by itself. 

The styling options are endless with this piece: wear it over a dress, with a mini skirt, or jeans. Some chunky shoes would pair well with the jumper for a bold grunge aesthetic.

Print Puffer Vest

Making it to the top three is the “Print Puffer Vest.” The bright pink color is so lively that it’s hard not to smile when you see this piece. Heaven plays with patterns throughout the entire collection, and this vest is no exception. The busy–ness of the design combined with the bright pink contributes to the youthful energy of the piece. 

To style: vests make the perfect layering item, so they’re really fun to mess around with. This piece would pair well with some baggy jeans and a tight long sleeve for a true '90s to early 2000s outfit.

Knit Mini With Gloves

We’re almost at number one! The runner–up is the gorgeous “Knit Mini With Gloves” in blue. This piece is truly everything, combining both elegance and playfulness by pairing a gorgeous mini dress with long gloves. The rainbow belt worn by the model (though not included with purchase) also contributes to the bright, playful vibe of this knit. Though Heaven is a retail collection, this piece gives off a high fashion aura. 

To style: I think the dress speaks for itself, but a belt is an excellent addition, and some strappy heels will truly make this outfit.

Knitted Faces Bag

We’ve made it to number one! Taking the trophy for first place is the “Knitted Faces Bag.” The Heaven collection uses this pattern on many pieces, so it feels like a crime not to include at least one patterned item on this list. 

The images of dystopian faces with bold, open lips on the bag are inspired by revolutionary film maker Gregg Araki, who’s famous for his apocalyptic typography. While I also enjoy the baby tee with the same Knitted Faces pattern, I think this design looks best on the shoulder bag. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the futuristic, dystopian–looking faces and the beadwork that gives the bag a more nostalgic feeling.

I think this statement bag can be paired well with many other pieces in the collection like the “Knit Mini With Gloves” in black.

Honorable Mention: Peter Pan Pocket Dress

The "Peter Pan Pocket Dress'' holds a special place in my heart, as it reminds me of Wednesday from the Addams Family. The maroon color adds something dark to the otherwise cheery collection, making the piece unique. Furthermore, it matches the grunge aesthetic perfectly.

The Heaven Collection is out now, and items can be bought on the Marc Jacobs website.

Jada Gritton

U Penn '24

Jada Gritton is studying PPE with an intended minor in Gender Studies. She enjoys reading, cooking, and listening to music and is excited to join the HerCampus team.
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