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Music Festival Survival Tips

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

Now that it’s warming up, it’s time to start thinking about those tickets you’ve got stashed in your sock drawer that you waited for months to go on sale. It’s time to start thinking about jean shorts, bro tanks, and sunglasses, beach balls, backstage passes, and the glory of temporary deafness. It’s time to get ready for summer concerts.

Experiencing the thrill of a music festival is truly like no other. But whether you’re trekking to Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Bonnaroo, preparation can mean the difference between an incredible experience and a visit to the medical tent.

Here are a handful of survival tips to help you have the time of your life during your next outdoor concert.


General Tips

1. Read the festival rules beforehand.

Every music festival should have a list of guidelines on their website detailing general information and restrictions. For example, many festivals will not allow outside food, chairs, glass containers, and pets. It differs with each venue, so make sure you are very familiar with them before you arrive!


Taking care of yourself is so important considering the conditions you will be under for the next couple of days. Bring a pack of water bottles and keep them in the car. Keep chugging those puppies even if you don’t feel thirsty. As stated by USA Today, dehydration is the number one health concern for music festivals nationally. DO NOT let that be you!

3. Designate a meeting spot.

Don’t be surprised when you get there and discover that personal space is a luxury. Thousands of people attend these types of events, and this only heightens the unlikelihood you’ll be able to return to the pack once you get separated. Paired with the ridiculous lines for the charging station, the wonky cell phone reception, and the metal rock in the background, expect for many of your friends to be unreachable. Decide on a centralized meeting spot with your friends as soon as you step foot on the grounds.

***On a side note, buy a portable charger! They’re about $30 and will save you the pain of losing your virtual appendage.***

4. Find or create shade.

If available, set up your camping spot underneath natural shading. Unfortunately, these areas are normally the first to go, so bring a large umbrella just in case!

5. Don’t over-indulge.

Similar to the tip on hydration, personal heath is of utmost importance. You will be surrounded with excessively sugary or salty food options that will perpetuate the dehydration process. Of course, don’t completely restrict yourself – it’s a part of the experience! But take precautions with what you put into your body. This also applies to alcohol: a naturally dehydrating agent. If you aren’t careful, you could face not only alcohol poisoning, but also a mean case of heat exhaustion.

6. Keep up the hygiene.

If you’re planning to camp it out, understand that your standards for personal hygiene will need to be lower than normal. There is yet to be any report of someone catching the plague from a port-a-potty so I guarantee you will survive. However, I do suggest you bring the essential supplies such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and hand sanitizer. One item that many people forget is toilet paper. Toilet paper always goes quickly at festivals, so don’t forget to bring a roll or two for your friends!

Quick Fashion Tips

Many girls find it cumbersome to find the marriage between a playful festival outfit and a comfortable ensemble. Make sure to have fun with the prominent boho-indie trend, but keep comfort your top priority!

1. Wear loose and breathable clothing pieces

2. Bring a small backpack or crossbody – basically anything that will keep your hands free.

3. Sport a brimmed hat and large sunglasses!

4. No heels allowed! Only wear closed-toed, flat shoes.

Bag Essentials

1. Aspirin

2. Sunscreen

3. Sunglasses

4. Water bottle

4. Minimal to no makeup – lip balm and mascara at most

5. Blotting sheets

6. Hand fan

7. Summer hat

8. Personal hygienic supplies

9. Tickets ;)