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Maurin Mwombela C’ 17

Name: Maurin Mwombela

Year: 2017

Major: Urban Studies with a minor in Sociology and American Public Policy

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Relationship Status: Single



What activities are you involved in at Penn?

Mask and Wig, head writer on a new satire show called What the Fox?


You guys just went on tour over Spring break. Tell me a little about that!

In London the drinking age is 18, so of course we went to the tourist sites and ate lots of fish and chips. The show went really well, they liked it.  Apparently British people do have a sense of humor. It was a great time with great friends! Also went to NY and DC and it was nice to perform for my family.


I can’t help noticing your hair. What brought that change about?

I have quite the history of radical hairstyle (see my Facebook profile). I decided I’d think about trying it for a change and I went to London. What happens on tour… stays with you back in America!


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Panem from the Hunger Games 


Best place to eat on campus?

Definitely Commons. It has the best food. Don’t go anywhere else. 


Favorite midnight snack?

As much as I can buy at Wawa without feeling guilty.  Club sandwiches are pretty good.


Awkward Penn story:

First semester freshman year. I’m in my first chemistry class. Obviously I have to start my reputation as a class clown, so I made this joke in class really loudly and only two people laughed. Everyone else just looked at me. Thus began my illustrious comedy career.


You in three words. Go!

What. The. Hell.


What would your Patronus be?

It would be a cat because then I could just sit on the dementors and shed all over them and get them to leave.


Favorite Comedian?

Louis CK


What is your favorite song to jam to?

Definitely Style by Taylor Swift


Celebrity Crush: 

Emma Watson


Ideal first date:

Probably the Mcdonalds dollar menu and a poorly planned picnic in Penn Park. 


Any fun or weird talents that we should know?

I do impressions of celebrities and people I know or meet. 


What is something on your Penn bucket list?

Being the person who collects the toast at the football games

Lydia Roberts is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania.  She is majoring in Communication and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, and also in French Studies.  She is an enthusiastic member of an a capella group at Penn and has a affinity for sour gummy candy.  
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