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It’s February 2021, and we’re still living in our new normal. We’ve got new habits and routines, but we’re also slowly–but–surely trying to return to our old lives as best and safely as possible. Of course, this comes with some adjustments with COVID-safe social distancing, health practices, and masks. For those who love makeup and still want to get glam everyday, don’t let your mask get in your way! There are plenty of makeup products and looks you can wear while still protecting yourself and others. 

Any form of a lip tint, stain, or liquid lip is your new best friend. These formulas will dry down and give your lips a nice wash of color that will last even under a mask. Not all will be completely transfer-proof, but they’ll fade nicely. None of those patchy, cracked casualties here! 

When wearing a mask, it’s inevitable that your lips will touch the inside of the fabric, so wearing any lip product that’s too emollient or glossy will not be a good fit. Stick to products that set—but that doesn’t have to mean drying! Liquid lips have a notorious reputation for being drier than the Sahara, but more recently–released formulas are actually extremely comfortable for long–term wear. If that’s not your vibe, you can also try using lip tints or stains.

Here are some specific products to help you achieve a comfortable, mask-proof lip.

Benefit Benetint Lip & Cheek Tint

Benefit has some of the best cult-favorite products, and for good reason. Their Benetint is a watery tint with a rosy stain, and it can be used on both lips and cheeks. Its lasting power is remarkable; it won’t budge, no matter how long you’re wearing your mask overtop. 

You can use this product to create a natural lip color that makes you look like you’ve just finished eating a cherry popsicle. Or, you can also layer it for a more intense rosy–red lip. 

The best thing about the Benetint is its water–like formula; regardless of how many layers you use, it feels completely weightless. Truly, an MLBB (my lips but better) product. The Benetint is the first of several different lip and cheek shades; however, the other options don’t set very well and tend to transfer more. I recommend the Benetint for a transfer-proof option best-suited for masks.

Peripera Ink Mood Drop Tint

This product is what I wish the other Benefit tint shades were like. The Ink Mood Drop Tint has a similar lasting power to the previous product due to its water–based tint, but it also gives an extra layer of shine when first applied. The formula is moisturizing and the initial glossiness will wear off throughout the day. The color of the product stays put even after the gloss fades, which is the magic of this tint . 

The color range includes five different shades including rosy pink, coral, and even a bold red. These are also buildable, so they’re adaptable to however you wear your makeup!

Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint

Laneige is a pretty reputable brand in the K-Beauty community, and now it has even become popular in the mainstream global makeup industry. Though it’s known for its skincare, the company has some remarkable makeup products, including this Tattoo Lip Tint. This product is a good hybrid formula between a classic lip tint and a liquid lipstick, which was more popular in the U.S. a few years back. The tint stains your lips like a tattoo, as the name suggests.

Unlike other products, the Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint will have the same color payoff at the end of the day as when you first apply it. It will not transfer onto your mask—guaranteed.

L’Oréal Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Lip Stain

This formula is an updated version of L’Oréal’s previous well–loved liquid lip. Not only is it an affordable drugstore option, but it’s also a stellar product on its own. The finish is everything you love about a liquid lipstick, except it doesn’t come at the expense of overall hydration and comfort.

The moussy texture of this lip stain gives it an opaque color, but, like every other option, it leaves your lips with a nice stained effect. This is the key that makes it last all day, even under your mask. 

Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick

Finally, the boldest of them all: the Rare Beauty Lip Souffle. This brand is amazing in everything from its mission to its product releases. This Lip Souffle is exactly what the name suggests: a lightweight, whipped, creamy lip product.

The color selection includes twelve different shades, from wearable–for–everyday to more statement–making colors. For those who love to do full–glam, these lip creams are the perfect finishing touch, invincible even with a mask. 

Everyone’s relationship with makeup is different, and products work differently for everyone. These are a few options that could work for you as you return to your new normal. If you wear makeup, these five lip products won’t make you compromise your confidence or safety!

Minjee Cho

U Penn '23

Minjee is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying biology. She is from Malvern, Pennsylvania and loves running, cooking, and makeup. She is also very passionate about journalism and women's empowerment.
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