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Making New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s—a time when many tell themselves that they will change for the better, do something better or achieve something. While some may actually follow through with their resolutions, most of us end up failing miserably or forgetting we even made them (I will start going to the gym every day, say what?). In order to not slip up again this year, you will need to set more reasonable goals that you can easily achieve.

Be specific
Make a list. Focus on aspects of your life that you want to change or enhance. Set long-term goals—they can be broken down into more manageable mini-goals.

Be realistic
Once you have chosen your goal, refine it. Remember to focus on priorities and how you can begin to achieve what you want.

Break down your goal
By breaking it down into parts, your goal seems less daunting and more achievable. As you accomplish each mini-goal, you will start to feel more in control.

Take action
Begin working towards a result. Take responsibility and do not let negative thoughts interrupt your concentration or undermine your ability.

Be flexible
Although it’s tempting to plan everything out beforehand, things do not always go as planned. As situations arise, alter your plan accordingly.

Get support
It’s important to remain positive and allow yourself to indulge once in a while. Talk to friends and family, ask for advice or even consult a medical professional if your resolution is health-related. Extra support makes the process more enjoyable and endurable. 

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