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Love Island: The Gem of British Television, Coming to America Soon!

Bikinis, gossip, and drama, oh my! If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m sure you will in the near future — the leading British reality television series, Love Island, is confirmed to air on American televisions soon. Brought back in 2015, Love Island has captured the attention of the UK population, becoming one of the most popular and adored reality television series. With streaming available on Hulu, the drama-heavy series has attracted a global audience, in particular captivating a newfound American audience. With its rise in popularity, CBS quickly secured rights to the British dating show.

What is Love Island?

Imagine all dating shows you’ve ever heard of combined into one, and you almost have your answer! Love Island essentially takes on the concept of Bachelor in Paradise…but with a more intimate spin, as staying on the show relies on being coupled up with a potential lover. The show  begins with 11 of the hottest singles across the UK in an isolated villa on a Spanish island. From first entrance, each guy and girl must “couple up” with a partner based purely on physical attraction. Then, an additional single is added onto the island as an open option to couple up with someone in the next recoupling, and the drama is history from there. An islander leaves the show when they are not chosen during the recoupling every week, as there is always an uneven number of islanders with new arrivals coming onto the island every week. As the show progresses, the couples begin eliminating each other, often with the help of a public vote.

In addition to the drama surrounding somebody being left to go home alone, the show does not fall short on entertainment. Gossip and arguments flare like wildfire, fueled by the oxygen of backstabbing and heartbreak at the Villa. On top of the chaos, there are also challenges, parties, dates, competitions, and the one-of-a-kind British slang that keep the over 50-episodes-a-season show a rollercoaster you don’t want to miss!

When is Love Island coming to the United States?

Although rumored to begin casting in Summer 2019, there is no confirmed date for when the series will premiere on American televisions. There are fears that the original British version is simply unmatched, as the culture and language surrounding the show are what make it so iconic. But for now, we will focus on Season 5 of the British version, airing Summer 2019!

Makenna is a Sophomore studying Nursing as well as pursuing Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania. She has an obsession with herbal teas and can be found watching British Reality TV at any moment of any day.
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