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Last-Minute Gift Guide for the Makeup-Lover in Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

It seems like in just a blink of an eye, the entire fall season has passed us by. Now we find ourselves with less than 20 days left ‘til Christmas, and we’d be lucky to have even one gift ready. Don’t worry – I’m right there with you. We still have a couple weeks left to shop for our loved ones for the holidays, and I’ve got you covered if you’re shopping for a makeup-lover this holiday season. Here are a few easy last-minute gift ideas that will definitely impress the beauty-lover in your life!


You can never go wrong with refills. If you know any specific product that your special someone likes or uses everyday, you can get them a refill or backup for the holidays. That is, only if you know they absolutely love this product or else that could be a miss. If you’re going this route, getting them their favorite lip balm or skincare product is usually your best bet. 

Body care

You can also get them body care. While skincare for the face is a bit risky, especially if you don’t know their specific skin type or skincare concerns, body care is a bit more forgiving. A nice body cream or bubble bath is always a lovely gift to receive. Body care is often a luxury not everyone treats themselves to, so gifting your special someone a nice body care item can also be a gift of relaxation and pampering, and who doesn’t love that?

something new

If you want to make the gift a little more personal, you could also pick out a new product for your special someone to try out. If you want to go this route, I recommend you explore lip products first. This is the most elementary and beginner-friendly category of makeup to start with. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong here. Lip products are usually the most interchangeable step of a makeup routine, but also a very fun way to switch up your look. If you notice that your special someone tends to always wear a similar shade or finish lip product, you can take this chance to give them another option to explore. Maybe it’ll become their new signature color! And don’t put too much pressure on yourself because there’s always the gift receipt ;)

an experience

Lastly, if you read through all of my previous suggestions but you’re still conflicted, you can also gift a makeup experience for your special beauty guru. You can book them an appointment to get their makeup done by a professional. This is such a special experience, and as a makeup-lover myself, I can attest that I would love this gift. It’s an incredibly unique and personalized experience where you can learn new tips and be introduced to new products. On the same wavelength, if your special someone is more of a skincare-lover, you can also gift your special self-care fanatic a facial instead!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it seems like there are suddenly a million people in your life to thank and appreciate. It can be a very blessed, but overwhelming season. But, hopefully this short and simple gift guide helps you shop for the perfect gift for your special someone who loves all things makeup and skincare. Happy holidays!

Minjee Cho

U Penn '23

Minjee is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying biology. She is from Malvern, Pennsylvania and loves golfing, cooking, and makeup. She is also very passionate about journalism and women's empowerment.