'Kim’s Convenience' and Its Legacy

When I first discovered Kim’s Convenience, I was browsing Netflix to find another sitcom to get hooked on. I’d just finished watching Parks and Recreation, and really wanted to find a new comedy to get invested in, when Kim’s Convenience popped up in my recommendations. I clicked on it on a whim, and I’m so glad I did!

In case you’ve never heard of it, Kim’s Convenience is a Toronto–based show centered around the Kims, a Korean–Canadian family. The show follows the lives of the family members: Umma (the mother), Appa (the father), Janet (the daughter), and Jung (the son), as well as their neighbors, friends, and coworkers. Storylines revolve around everything from Janet getting food poisoning from her Umma’s cooking to Jung and Appa’s complicated relationship. 

Regardless of the storyline, every episode of Kim’s Convenience makes you laugh, cry, and connect with the family as a whole. Even just after one season, you feel so in tune with the cast, and want to see how their lives play out The characters are complex, but slowly reveal more and more of their personalities, which makes the show feel authentic.

It was a shock when the show was cancelled a few weeks ago. Originally, they had planned for a sixth season, but were cut short when the creators left for other projects. This was upsetting for not only fans of the show, but also the cast—who didn’t think they’d have to say goodbye so soon.

Above all, Kim’s Convenience has a legacy of being one of the first shows that center around an Asian family. The Kims are a Korean family living in Canada, and the show highlights some of the misunderstandings or difficulties that can come with being an immigrant, for both parents and children. Though I’m not Korean, I found many of the challenges faced by the character relatable as a fellow child of immigrants, and it was fun to laugh with the characters as they navigated their lives.

When the show first started, people were unsure of how successful it would be because of its diverse cast. However, it ended up shattering these preconceptions and becoming one of the most successful shows in Canada, as well as around the world, when it was released on Netflix. Its actors and writers went on to win multiple awards, and people fell in love with the Kim family because of how loving and relatable they were.

Through all the ups and downs, the family members loved each other and wanted to be there for one another. The show managed to be heartwarming, while still making us laugh with the humorous quips threaded throughout.

Regardless of its cancellation, it’s clear that Kim’s Convenience will continue to be looked at as one of the best shows of its kind. The lack of representation is an ongoing issue in the industry, and shows like this one illustrate how successful and impactful representation can prove to be. My only hope is we’ll get to see more shows like this in the future!

As an avid Kim’s Convenience fan, I’m devastated that I’ll have to say goodbye to some of my favorite characters, but I’m glad I got to follow their journeys until now. If you want to watch the show, you can find it on Netflix! Happy watching!