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Katie Marshall (C’19)

Name: Katie Marshall

Hometown: New York City

Major: Communication and Cinema Studies

What is Bloomers? Bloomers is “Penn’s all female musical and sketch comedy troupe” which is really just a way of saying a fine fresh fierce group of ladies who are funny af

Favorite Bloomers Memory: Pre show rituals but shh I can’t tell you what they are

Tell us about your show this weekend! The show is a collection of sketches making fun of life politics and everything else you can think of along with a feature about a not so true or crazy crime that happened at a betchy high school prom

Best Quality: I’m really good at puns

Worst Quality: I’m really good at puns

Celeb Crush: Logan Lerman/Paul Rudd/James Marsden

Hook Up Culture at Penn in Three Words: “I can’t even”

Favorite BYO: What’s a BYO jk Effie’s

Drunk Eating: Wishbone

Sabsiest Place to Study: Tables outside of Frontera

Advice to Freshman Year Self: Katie, keep being a freshman it looks great on you

Favorite Penn Social Event: I’ll let you know after this weekend 

Best Restaurant with Parents: The entire steven starr crawl

Downtowns in Three Words: “aka you want me to write a TRIOLOGY? lol get it”

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