Isabella Auchus

I became involved with Abuse & Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) my freshman year at Penn, served as internal chair my sophomore year, and now as a junior I serve as the Chair.  ASAP advocates anti-violence and puts on Take Back the Night every Spring, which is an international event and campaign with the mission of ending sexual, relationship, and domestic violence in all forms.  This year, Take Back the Night is on April 7th!  For me, being involved in ASAP and Take Back the Night have absolutely been formative and inspiring experiences, and I am so grateful that they have allowed me to meet and learn from incredible activists for this cause. Check it out here!

Name: Isabella Auchus

Hometown: I've moved around a lot so I don't really have a hometown, but currently my family is in Jackson, Mississippi

Major: Psychology

Minor: Hispanic studies

Relationship status: Accepting applications for a formal date

Best Quality: I'm vegan

Worst quality: I tell people I'm vegan

Describe the hook up culture at Penn in 3 words: Do what you want, what you want with your body. And always get consent. (Too important for just 3 words!)

Favorite BYO: Ethio Cafe or Audrey Claire

Favorite Drunk eating spot on campus: Wawa. It's my second home

Sabiest place to study: Outside at the tables by the compass

Advice to your freshman year self: Stop waiting until Friday to go out

Favorite Penn social event: Take Back the Night! It's not exactly a social event, but it's one of the most inclusive events on campus that brings so many communities together.

Best restaurant to go with your parents: Vedge

Describe downtowns in 3 words: Too many freshmen