Her Campus Finals Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Hurrah, hurrah! Looks like the University of Pennsylvania has survived yet another dreaded finals week. And while we, like the rest of campus, attempted not to be seen as we grudgingly walked down Locust appearing simultaneously defeated and strung out on caffeine, this year, Her Campus has provided the solution to our finals week struggles.

In the form of a much-needed package, Her Campus sent us a Finals Survival Kit, which included all of the necessities needed for getting through our always-terrifying finals week. For those all-nighters in Huntsman, we found our savior in the form of Popchips. The crunchy snacks were full of flavor and completely baked—making them a healthy alternative to the potato chips or Wawa mac and cheese that we inevitably crave at 2am. The Popchips left us feeling guilt-free and full after just one bag, and they proved that good snacking really is no more difficult than opening a bag.

While our Popchips lasted us through the night, in the morning, we were once again craving something special.  Squeezing in our last minute cramming and short of enough time to make breakfast or go out, we found our solution with Luna Bars. The sweet and delicious bars satisfied all of our cravings, and the protein-packed recipe left us more than satisfied.

While finals may be over, next year, finals definitely do not have to be as difficult. With Popchips and Luna Bars always in reach, fast and healthy eating is possible and stress-free.