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Her Campus Cutie: Majo Rodriguez (C’23)

Her Campus Cutie is our bi-weekly series giving you a 1-on-1 with a new face of the Penn community. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we are committed to highlighting some of the diverse voices here at Penn. Keep reading to learn more about the beautiful (and tri-lingual ;]), Majo Rodriguez!  


Pronouns: she/her/hers

School: College

Major: Political Science

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Tampico, Mexico

Birthday: December 17, 1999

Languages: Spanish, English, German

Extracurriculars: [email protected], Wharton Latino, FUERZA, Volleyball, CYAP, Cognos, CHAARG, Penn German Society


Fav Philly Food Truck: Magic Carpet!!

Apple Music or Spotify: Spotify x 1000 (Ed. note – the right answer ;])

Dogs or cats: Dogs!

Corner piece or center piece of brownie: Corner piece

Show you’re binging: The Office (for a second time)

Most memorable experience at Penn so far: Martin Garrix concert with my friends

A lesson you learned in college the hard way: Don’t leave your 20 page final for the last day :/ 

Bucket list: Travel all over Europe for the whole summer


What does your Latinx identity mean to you?:

For me, my Latinx identity means being part of a group of passionate, diverse and overall awesome people who have persevered in times of trouble and are fearlessly trying to bring positive change to our respective countries.

Sylvia Goldfond is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Cognitive Science major from Kearny, New Jersey. Her interests in women helping other women has led her to a platform for just that, Her Campus! You can most likely find her making a new Spotify playlist in a room with holiday lights on full-year or playing with her shitzu-poodle puppy named Lucky.
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