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Her Campus Confessions: What Happened on Spring Break


While we all look forward to our prized spring break, it’s not always purely fun in the sun. Luckily, the Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kits helped revive us all. With Neuro SLEEP samples to help us beat jetlag and TRESemmé’s Expert Selection Keratin Smooth to help restore our sun-damaged, dry hair, the Her Campus staff was ready to bounce back to our usual busy Penn schedules.

This week, we asked our readers to share their funny and embarrassing spring break stories to see who needed a Spring Break Survival Kit the most.  Here were some of our favorites:


Honorable Mentions:

“I hooked up with a Brazilian man while he was wearing flashy, diamond grills. Smile for me, Daddy?”


“I had a 28-year-old French man sitting next to me on my plane to Europe. He happened to be afraid of flying, so there was a lot of handholding and crying (on his part) throughout the flight. Apparently I was very comforting though: he suggested I ditch my group in Dusseldorf and fly to Paris with him to be the mother to his daughter.”


“Spring break definitely unleashed a lot of my friends’ animal instincts. When walking back to my hotel during the middle of the day, I spotted my friend in the fountain in front of the resort. I was confused for a second… until I realized why she was moaning loudly on her hands and knees. Let’s just say, I guess she and our next door neighbor liked it doggie style and liked it ‘ruff.’”


“I hooked up with a guy who didn’t speak English or look any younger than 30-years-old. Unfortunately, he was (by far) not the oldest French man I have hooked up with… C’est la vie!”


 And our grand winner…

“For spring break, I went to Las Vegas with two friends. As soon as I saw them in the airport, I knew something was wrong; they both confided that they were beginning to get sick. As I was just getting over a cold, I thought this would not be a problem. Horrible, tragic assumption… Starting Thursday we each took enough vitamins and pills to kill a small elephant: Vitamin C, Echinacea, Airborne. You name it, we probably took it in hopes that it would prevent the three of us from ruining the much-needed trip for everyone.

On Saturday, our last full day in Vegas, I woke up first with a slight stomach ache, which I wrote off to the previous night’s shenanigans (and they were shenanigans). When the other two woke up later, they both complained of stomach cramping and aches. We decided to order breakfast, thinking eating would make us feel better. Just as room service delivered our food, it hit all of us: sudden onset, horrible, gassy diarrhea. All three of us were in need of a toilet and FAST. The catch: there was only one in our room. We spent the next few hours (5+) taking turns locking ourselves in the bathroom for various periods of time. Come to find out, too much Vitamin C will give you vitamin overdose, resulting in painful and prolific shitting.”


Thank you to everyone who shared their spring break stories, and thank you to all of the Spring Break Survival Kit Sponsors for always being there to help us through our worst spring break moments! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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