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Give Some, Get Some: Course Hero Knowledge Drive Provides Free Study Guides

Like it or not, finals season has arrived. Prepare yourself for late nights in Huntsman, Venti cups of coffee and the inevitable feeling of panic when you realize that you’ve missed a few too many classes this semester. It doesn’t matter whether you skipped that 9 AM lecture due to fever or a hangover—good luck asking for notes over the course listserv. 

This year, spare yourself the agony of concocting a heartfelt story about how your laptop magically deleted all its files and try Course Hero’s Knowledge Drive instead. Course Hero has archives of free lecture notes, book outlinesproblem sets, papers and so on from over 50 Penn courses, including the following:

  • MATH 104, 170, 114
  • STAT 111, 101, 102
  • ECON 002, 001, 010, 101, 231
  • ACCT 101, 102
  • FNCE 100, 101
  • MGMT 100, 101, 104
  • MKTG 101
  • BIOL 101, 102
  • CHEM 101
  • PHYS 101
  • GEOL 100
  • PSYC 001, 160, 162, 170, 149, 253, 266, 272
  • …and more!

There’s no need to worry about the quality of these study materials. Every single document on the site has been approved by Course Hero’s team. They check every file before it is published in their archives, so you know that the lecture notes you’re about to download will help you ace that impossibly difficult class. 

Course Hero also provides 24/7 access to online tutors and flashcards that will help you prepare for any exam. Sounds awesome, right? To gain free access to the site and all its features, submit your own notes (or outlines, problem sets, etc.—anything that isn’t copyright-protected) to its archives.  For every document to you submit, you get one day of free access to the website. And for every ten documents you submit, one book will be donated to a child in Africa. That’s right—you can be philanthropic and boost your GPA at the same time!

So how do you submit documents? The five-minute process is outlined below, or check out a quick instructional video here.

  • Click here for the website: http://tinyurl.com/CourseHero-UPenn
  • Set up an account—don’t worry, Course Hero hates spam as much as you do
  • Click Select Documents to Upload
  • Click Select Documents and select all the files you’d like to contribute
  • Click Upload Documents
  • Click Create New Tag and fill out the course name, professor and semester.
  • Select the documents you’re uploading from the left column and select their corresponding tag from the middle column
  • Click Publish Documents. Done!

You’ll recieve an email from Course Hero within a day or two confirming your free access to the site. Then you can download an entire semester’s worth of notes without any pleading, awkward emails or judgment from others.  

Happy studying!

Former editor-in-chief of Her Campus UPenn
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