Gift Giving: How to Make the Thought Count

Nothing’s better than buying someone a gift that they will genuinely love and use, so here are four simple questions to ask yourself while shopping. These guidelines should help eliminate the stress of the sometimes-daunting task of finding the perfect present. Keep in mind that it really is the thought that counts when giving someone a gift, so pay attention to the little things and give a gift from the heart!

Here are four simple questions to ask yourself while gift shopping:

  1. 1. What are their hobbies?

    I have found that one of the simplest ways to get people useful and thoughtful gifts is to pay attention to what they do during their free time. People’s hobbies say a lot about what items they would love to receive. For your beauty guru friend who loves makeup and self-care, think about a face mask kit from Sephora, a personalized makeup bag, a pretty eyeshadow palette, or Lush bath bombs. For your techie friends, look for a cute portable charger or Red Bubble laptop stickers. For your athletic friend, think about investing in a cute Lululemon workout tank top or cute patterned leggings. Thinking about the gift recipient’s interests and hobbies will help you find a personal gift they will genuinely love!

  2. 2. What is their style?

    When determining what to get for someone, it's important to think about their everyday style. It’s always rewarding when your gift is actually used or worn, so pay close attention to what the recipient typically wears – do they use handbags, wear a lot of jewelry, or switch up their style to fit current fashion trends? For your trendy friend, look for the newest fanny pack, initial necklace, customized phone case, or jewelry from Instagram-sponsored websites like Mejuri or Adinas Jewels. For your friend who tends to wear more classic and simple items, you can’t go wrong with a dainty bracelet or a delicate necklace. Asking yourself this question can help in focusing your search when you’re browsing store shelves.

  3. 3. What's the next upcoming season?

    If you can’t really pinpoint somebody’s style and want to stay on the safe side, buy them a gift they can use during the upcoming season. Rather than buying a gift based on the interests or style choices of the gift recipient, look for cute items that are perfect for the next season that everyone can use. For example, if winter and the holiday season are just around the corner like right now, you can purchase Christmas-themed gifts such as a package of cookie cutters, tea or coffee mugs, or holiday ornaments. A few other simple ideas are comfortable Ugg slippers, a stylish faux fur fuzzy blanket, a satin pajama set, a cute hat with a pom pom, or a travel mug with a funny saying.

  4. 4. What's your price range?

    Before browsing store aisles or online websites, it’s important to establish a price range. My personal advice for this is to think about your relationship with the gift receiver and the kinds of gifts they have gotten you in the past, and then shop accordingly. If you find a gift that would be perfect for a specific person, but it’s on the more expensive side, make it a group gift. That is, find a few other friends to split the price with! Another idea is to make a DIY gift, like a framed photo collage or a gift basket with some of the person’s favorite things. This could include anything from makeup and beauty products to  snacks and baking materials, depending on what the person is into. Making the gift yourself only makes it more meaningful and sentimental, while also helping you stick to your budget.

Although searching for the perfect gift can be stressful and overwhelming at times, it is essential to remember that it’s always the thought and love behind the gift that counts. Asking yourself these four simple questions as a guide to gift shopping will not only lead you to the perfect present, but will also show that you pay attention to the little things that matter.