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Five Spring Fashions We Can’t Wait to Try

So, I don’t know about all of you, but I’m definitely at the point of the year when a single ray of sunshine or green patch peeking out from under the snow makes me want to throw my coat off of  my shoulders in a burst of exuberant song. I know that’s quite impractical, especially during this neverending winter (which, by the way, has been making me feel like at least one of the writers of Frozen has some clairvoyant tendencies), so I suggest another outlet for your winter frustrations: indulging in spring fashion a little early. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week took place in early February, and it opened the floodgates for some major spring trends that can be translated easily into our almost-spring climate.


1. Tea-Length Skirts                       

The world’s obsession-slash-delusion of being Kate Middleton will finally be gratified this spring, these romantic, ladylike skirts will hit the streets. They’re universally flattering, can dress up even the most casual of t-shirts, and will give you an irresistable urge to twirl wherever you have the space. For an extra fun and feminine twist, pair this tulle one with a high top knot and shiny jewelry for a fancy dinner date!

2. (Light) Jackets:

Shed those bulky down jackets and slip into one of these cool, laid-back pieces instead. It’s just enough of a layer to keep you warm without bringing back any of that winter bulk. You can go for a cropped, boxy jacket and channel a little Jackie O. glamour, or you can go more slouchy in a too-cool-for-school bomber jacket. Try mixing it up: pair a sweet, structured jacket with boyfriend jeans, and throw a bomber jacket over your pencil skirt.


3. Block Heels

To the relief of your arches, stilettos aren’t the only way to get height and make a statement anymore! Stacked heels are in full force this season, and they have the added benefit of being your statement piece for that day’s outfit! If you want some extra pop, try these colorblocked heels with an otherwise monochrome outfit.

4. Metallics

What better way to celebrate the remergence of the sun than to reflect it? Metallics textiles have been hitting the runway hard this year, and can be worn in the day or night. That kind of versatility is not what I expected when I imagined metallic clothes (was anyone else thinking more along the lines of Xenon: Girl of the Twenty-first Century?) but this new look brings a little funk into your fashion. And now you know there are many stylish options for just a hint of space-stay living without having to wear a million braids in your hair.


5. Pastel Nails

Muted nails are probably not what you want to wear in the spring—I’m partial to coral pedicures myself. But, if you go pastel, your nails will create a pretty, clean look that doubles as a neutral canvas on which to wear your craziest spring pieces. You can wear that floral dress or that top with the neon piping without a second to clashing colors. And pastel doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your nails: try going asymmetrical with one glittery nail for an extra kick to your manicure.


What do you think of our list of spring trends? Let us know what you’re loving, or what we’re missing, in the comments!

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