Ethical or Beautiful?: 5 Clean Beauty Products That Don’t Make You Choose

As people become more interested and attentive toward the ingredients of the products they routinely use, makeup is no exception. Currently, a big part of the makeup community is striving to make their ingredients and manufacturing process more transparent and ethical. In response, many have coined this movement with the term “clean beauty.” “Clean beauty” encapsulates beauty products that are mindful of using natural, nontoxic, and ethically procured ingredients. Sephora specifically deems clean beauty products as those that give you “the beauty that you want, minus the ingredients that you might not” (i.e. parabens, sulfates, talc, etc.). Many makeup retailers now provide indicators of clean beauty products due to an increasing number of consumers who want to be informed. Personally, I have always wanted to invest in clean beauty products and incorporate them into my daily routine; however, prior to doing some research, I was under the impression that clean beauty products were not as effective as their counterparts. 

This is not the case! Here are some amazing makeup products that are clean, but do not sacrifice efficacy:

  1. This liquid foundation is a buildable, full-coverage foundation that smooths out your complexion without adding any cakey texture over it. It’s natural finish works for all skin types. Better yet, this foundation has natural oils like camellia, which help to keep your skin moist  throughout the day. And here’s the best part: the packaging has a pump, which means this clean foundation is also sanitary!

  2. This is the perfect powder bronzer for all seasons. It is talc-free and creates a seamless, blendable splash of color for the perfect sun-kissed look! Unlike some bronzers, this particular clean product does not oxidize into an orange-red hue, but melts into the rest of your makeup  effortlessly. This bronzer gives you the illusion of an elaborate makeup look in less than a minute!

  3. This clean cream highlighter is a game changer for the everyday “no-makeup makeup”  look. It is perfect for those with busy schedules, something I appreciate as a college student. This low-maintenance product is extremely easy to use, as it works well with any foundation and can be applied with just your fingers. The Living Luminizer is the perfect natural cream highlight to accentuate your natural glow. My personal favorite shade is “magic luminizer.” 

  4. This universally flattering eye shade can work as an eyeshadow topper, inner corner highlight, or as a single shadow look on its own. This vegan, gluten-free eye shimmer includes a pearl reflex (as opposed to a chunky glitter) that works for every eye shape. Since the shade has no base pigment, the reflex covers the eyelid with a multidimensional glimmer that changes in different lights. This eye product is also a very versatile one; whether you want to elevate a daily makeup look or transition to a nighttime look, this eye shimmer is perfect and effortless!

  5. This tinted lip balm offers intense hydration while also giving your lips a gorgeous, sheer wash of color. The slim packaging is convenient as well; you can throw it in your bag on the go and it’s easy to apply. This formula also includes a blend of algae and marine flower extracts to help moisturize your lips, as well as the traditional natural ingredients such as coconut oil. Personally, my favorite shades are rose and coral. 

Of course, these five products are only some of the many clean beauty products on the market. All of these products are not only perfect for the everyday “no makeup” makeup look, but can also transition easily into an elaborate evening look. Although these items are just some of my holy grails, it is important that you find clean products that are good for both you and the environment.