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Doug Cotler C’17

Name: Doug Coutler


Year: Junior


Hometown: Lower Merion, PA 


Major: Computer Science


1)    What is the Penn Six?


Penn Six is Penn’s premiere all-male comedy a cappella group! We write and perform parodies of real songs about college life and everything Penn. Our shows are a ton of fun, mixing and balancing music with topical sketch comedy.


2)    What inspired you to join Penn Six?


I’m very musical, having played piano and guitar since I was young, and I’ve thought about trying out for an a cappella group since high school. When I discovered Penn Six, I was a fan of the comedic aspects and subtle satirizing of typical a cappella groups. It was a perfect fit. Also, [Elizabeth Banks told me they were great.](http://www.misterchou.com/2011/11/29/elizabeth-banks-loves-penn-six)


3)    Have you been part of a singing group or comedy group before?


Back in elementary and middle school I was in chorus!… Other than that, nope. Just jamming with friends. Penn Six is very open to those who are new to performing groups which made learning the ways fun and easy.


4)    What was your most recent event?


We just had our Fall Show a couple weeks ago, His Heart On Display: Donald Trump’s Raging Election where we sang 10 original parodies and one medley of a few straight songs. The medley sounded so beautiful there were threats to disband the group if we changed the words.


5)    What has been your favorite performance?


Certainly the most interesting was at Bryn Mawr College, our first performance this year. We were invited to sing a quick two song set at an a cappella showcase where we sang parodies about college life – ranging from house parties to the importance of contraception. The audience reacted similar to most; young people laughed and some of the older people were embarrassed, but as usual, most people were cracking up.  However, a couple members of the host group weren’t pleased with the content and promptly disinvited us to the after party. We learned a valuable lesson about the types of audiences we should be performing for that night and now I’ll always remember my first performance ever as the time we got banished from Bryn Mawr.


6)    What’s your favorite song at the moment?


Jon Bellion’s Woke the F*ck Up – [Penn Six’s Coked the F*ck Up](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueRnoTlyuCQ)

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