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COVID-Safe & Cute: Mask-Friendly Halloween Ideas for 2020

From always smelling like hand sanitizer and seeing masks everywhere to going months without seeing your friends, 2020 has changed college life as we know it. On top of everything, online classes are impersonal and tough, and finding anything to look forward to is significantly harder than in previous years. But for me, Halloween has always been something to look forward to, and this year is no different. Yes, celebrating is going to look very different with the ongoing pandemic, but there are so many ways to create cute and original costumes and keep the season alive. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to dressing up and watching hours of Halloween movies with my best friends (socially-distanced!). Without further ado, here are some mask-friendly Halloween costumes that will still get you in the spooky spirit.  

The Purge 

One of my personal favorite movies, a costume inspired by The Purge will easily fit today’s Halloween season. Take a t-shirt and rip it up (*tastefully*), spray on some fake blood, and voilà! Pair with some black tights and combat boots and you’ve got your outfit. 

How does the mask fit in? I prefer the LED face masks that light up — something about them screams Halloween to me — but you can opt for a single black face mask and do a crazy dramatic eyeshadow look to complete the costume. Did you know you can even buy face masks that are designed to look like the ones from The Purge? They’re terrifying and cool, so you can have a sick costume and still protect yourself from COVID-19. 

Even better, get your friends to match with you, so you can all be safe and have fun!  

Space Cowboys

Who doesn’t love glitter? The space cowboy aesthetic is a look, and you know what totally compliments it? Face coverings. Seriously – red and pink or neon-colored cloth coverings will tie your whole outfit together. 

Want to look extra cool? Match the color of your facemask with a cowboy hat. Throw on some neon shorts and a bandana top, and you’re good to go! There are so many styles of face mask that go with any and all cowboy-inspired ideas. You can pair glitter eyeshadow of the same color to go with the look, too. 

To seal the deal, get your best friends to dress up as aliens so you can be cowboys and aliens from space! Wear neon face masks, get your holographic makeup going, and you’re set to have a Halloween that’s out of this world, even if you’re stuck in your apartment living room. 

A Skeleton

Picture this: You’re in high school, and you’ve ordered so much face paint. It’s white and matches your skeleton outfit, and you spend almost all your time getting ready covering your face with the paint. You add on detail after detail with black gel eyeliner, and it looks amazing. And then, one hour into the party it melts off, and all your hard work was for nothing. 

This year you can avoid that, wear a fashionable look, and stay healthy. By wearing a skeleton face mask, you eliminate the hassle of melty face-paint, and you can focus on the rest of your makeup. Wear some tights and a skeleton bodysuit, and you’re all set! Sexy skeletons are trendy and scary, and you can enjoy your look without worrying about spreading the virus. 

A Nurse

A classic, the nurse outfit can be paired with fake blood to complete a spooky but stylish look (bonus points if you’re in nursing school!). Wear a white dress, white tights, a nursing hat (easily found online, or, if you’re feeling creative, just decorate a plain white hat), and go crazy with the fake blood. 

You know what completely seals the deal? A white face mask! Not only does it go with your outfit, but it will make you feel as responsible as all the real nurses out there. It’s both adorable and thoughtful. 

While this Halloween is definitely going to be different from Halloweens of years prior, there’s no reason you can’t still have fun. By making safe choices in the age of a pandemic, we can still create happy memories and look our best!

Mahaa Ayub

U Penn '23

Mahaa is a sophomore studying health and societies. She is interested in global health and charity work, specifically tutoring and helping West Philly kids.
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