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Better than Facebook Stalking: Flirq Comes to Penn

Love. L-O-V-E. It’s a small word with so much meaning.

Penn girls throw this word around a lot. It’s used as a cute goodbye to friends: “Bye girlie, Love you!” It’s used to describe that awesome class you’re taking, or how you felt when you discovered the marvels of Wawa. Really, ‘love’ is easy to come by.

But what about romantic love? This is the love that happens when you meet that special someone who you just click with. How does a Penn girl go about finally getting that guy she’s been making intense eye-contact with for the past month in class? He hasn’t read any of the obvious signs you’ve given. Doesn’t he understand that the quick glances you give him mean you’re interested, and you tousling your hair in his direction means you’ve identified him as a prospective husband and wouldn’t mind raising three kids with him in the suburbs?  I suppose men just don’t understand women.

            That’s why Flirq has been introduced to the Penn campus. Flirq is essentially a dating website for students on campus, only it has a twist. “Flirq puts girls in the driver’s seat,” according to its website. This means that both guys and girls sign up, but only girls can browse for their possible love match. It’s like permitted Facebook stalking, and afterwards you can actually pounce on your prey. Sadly, it won’t help you take things further with that Drexel student you’ve been crushing on — your options are narrowed down to only those within the Penn community.

For now, Flirq is on an exclusive “private beta” test. Send in your request, ladies, and prepare for the hours you’ll spend creeping on guys profiles, daydreaming about the future you’ve planned out for one another. Maybe if you’re courageous enough you might even make the first move.

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