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The Best Places to Sleep on Campus

Need that afternoon power nap and don’t have the time to make that trek back home? Don’t settle for sleeping on the desk in front of you just to wake up with a sore neck and a bad attitude. There are couches all over campus just waiting to help you recharge, check out some of them below.

1. Bean Bags at Education Commons
These were literally brought in for napping. Even Amy G likes them. Not napping in these giant pillows is going against the very reason these clouds were brought down from heaven. Take them for a spin!

2. The Reading Terrace on the 6th Floor of VP
The sunlight hits this room perfectly to give the perfect napping environment. It’s like laying out on the beach except its indoors but you’re on a couch. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers right, and this is a pretty great choice.
3. Any “Sky Lounge” at any High Rise
If the view isn’t enough or the dead silence, I don’t know what is.


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