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Women’s History Month is all about women supporting and encouraging each other. This month often makes me reflect on all the wonderful women who’ve made me who I am—my mom, my aunts, my cousins, my mentors, and my amazing friends. It also makes me appreciate the women who have broken barriers in their fields and shared their stories of the female experience. 

Since the recent Grammy Awards saw women break records in the music industry, I wanted to shout out the women whose songs have helped me through all the highs and lows of the past year!

Here’s a list of seven talented female artists for every mood, and their best albums to enjoy this Women’s History Month:

If you’re deep in your feels—Adele

There’s no better example of a female powerhouse singer than Adele. With vocals for days and emotional lyrics, every single one of her songs could bring even the most stoic person to tears. 

Whether you’re reminiscing about the loss of your childhood with “When We Were Young,” ready to give up on what you want like in “Chasing Pavements,” or still in love with your ex like the lyrics of “Some Like You,” Adele reminds you that no matter what you’re going through, you’re not alone.

Best album: 21

If you’re walking on sunshine—Katy Perry

For the days when you’re just living on the bright side, turn up the Katy Perry! The singer and American Idol co–host is known for her bubbly personality and uplifting pop tunes. 

Enjoying a beach day with your best friends? Listen to “California Gurls”! Feeling confident in your voice? Jam to “Roar.” Feeling thankful? Her song “Smile” is for you. Whatever the situation, Katy Perry is the soundtrack to your happy place.

Best album: Teenage Dream

If you’re feeling flawless and fabulous (or want to anyway)—Lizzo

The best way to feel proud about being the amazing, special, strong person you are is with some Lizzo! Between her personality, campaigns for body positivity, and all–around girl power enthused songs, Lizzo is the ultimate role model for female empowerment. Just remember, you’re “Good as Hell”!

Best album: Cuz I Love You

If you want to relive your glory days—Nicki Minaj

When you’re reminiscing about massive sleep–overs or dancing with your hair brush in front of your bedroom mirror, put on some old Nicki Minaj songs for the full nostalgic experience! Extra points if you still have the entire “Super BassandStarships” raps memorized—only the coolest kids did! Don’t forget about the epic poolside music video for “Beauty and the Beat” with Justin Beiber. 

Best album: Pink Friday

If you’re brokenhearted—Carrie Underwood

No genre has perfected the breakup song like country music, and no one does it better than Carrie Underwood. The female “revenge” song was practically invented by her with classics like “Before He Cheats” and “Church Bells.” 

Instead of “taking a Louisville slugger” to your ex’s headlights, blast these songs with your best friends and forget about them! If you’re not quite in the anger stage of grief, “Someday When I Stop Loving You” and “Wine After Whiskey” are enough to reopen any old wounds. For those of you falling back into old habits, “Backsliding” and “Relapse” will hit close to home.

Best album: Storyteller

If you’re falling head over heels—Taylor Swift

If Carrie Underwood is the queen of the breakup ballad, Taylor Swift is the queen of the love song. Ever had that indescribable feeling that accompanies starry eyes, blushing, and butterflies? If you have, turn up Taylor Swift, because she’s perfected that feeling in her songwriting. 

Swift is so talented that she’s the first woman to receive three Grammys for Album of the Year. With that much skill it’s almost impossible to choose favorites, but “Love Story,” “Sparks Fly,” “Begin Again,” “You are in Love,” “New Year’s Day,” and “invisible string” are some of her best.

Best album: Red

Just because you exist—Beyoncé

At this point, Beyoncé just embodies Women’s History Month. Queen Bey quite literally reminds us of the wonders of being women with her classic hit “Run the World (Girls).” She made history at the 2021 Grammy Awards as she became the most decorated artist ever with her 28th award—much deserved for her contributions to the industry—and specifically her song “BLACK PARADE,” which was released on Juneteenth 2020. 

Not that you ever need a reason to listen to Beyoncé, but here’s a song for every one of the aforementioned moods: “If I Were a Boy” for when you’re in your feels, “Love On Top” for when you are “smiling from ear to ear,” “Single Ladies” to show them what you’re worth. She also has an early 2000s classic with “Crazy In Love,” a country–level breakup song in “Irreplaceable,” and heartstring–pulling ballad “Halo.” 

Best album: 4

And finally, some honorable mentions! These are a few other amazing female singers across a variety of genres who deserve your support: Miranda Lambert, Fletcher, Mickey Guyton, H.E.R, Camilla Cabello, Kelsea Ballerini, Demi Lovato, Halsey, Ariana Grande, Rosalía, Jessi, and Billie Eilish

This month, spread love to all of the women in your life, and don’t forget to give yourself some too. You can treat yourself to these wonderful artists, all suited for however you’ve been feeling lately, and maybe even make yourself a female empowerment playlist to celebrate all year long! Take a listen to mine if you need some inspiration!

Lexi Boccuzzi is a Penn sophomore in the College majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Stamford, CT. She is an avid country-music listener, reader, and fan of all things Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Gilmore Girls. She loves to chat about politics and is also studying classics and legal studies.
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