The Best Curling Iron You Will Ever Use

Saying that I like styling my hair is an understatement.  I have one of those hair types that is not incredibly unmanageable to the point where I need a treatment, but there is never a day where I can hop out of the shower, let my hair dry, and not look like a frizzy fluff ball later on.  This a blessing and a curse.  My hair is easy to work with because I can blow dry it, straighten it, curl it, etc. BUT it doesn’t really look good if I don’t put in the time. 

Curling my hair, specifically, is the most time-consuming of all of my styling efforts because I have incredibly long hair.  However, curly hair with more volume has become a growing trend, and I’m trying to force myself out of my pin-straight/not-a-hair-out-of-place habits that I stuck to all throughout high school.

Well, my prayers have been answered people!  My mom sent me a new curling iron called the Beachwaver, made by the Beachwaver Co., which was founded in 2010 by a celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa.  This is an automated curling iron that requires you to clip the end of your hair to the barrel, and then basically nothing else.  It’s heaven.  You press a button to indicate whether you are curling on the right or left side of your head in order to ensure that the curls go in the right direction (away from your face).  Next, you simply press and hold the “GO” button and the barrel spins up on its own.  This curling iron not only holds the curl like nothing I have ever tried before, but it also saves me an immense amount of time, something that I do not take for granted as a student here.  Not to mention the fact that the day after I use the Beachwaver, my hair looks even better, with a completely different, wavy style.  With this curling iron, you’re looking at styled hair for dayzz, which is amazing because we all know there isn’t enough time in life to go through this process every single day. 

The Beachwaver is definitely an investment, as it retails for $199.00, but, for me, it has definitely proven its worth.  As much as this is a pricey item, if you make use of it, you won’t regret the purchase.  It will keep you from having to get your hair professionally styled because you will look like you just walked out of a salon without having lifted a finger.  It is a must-have for a college girl on the go.    


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