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Basically PV? 4 Ways to Still Have a Memorable Spring Break

PV>VP is the motto for the majority of Penn students when it comes to Spring Break. This year when deciding what to do, I opted out of burning and blacking out on the beach in favor of going home. And while my FOMO is already setting in, I’ve resolved to make my spring break equally as great by doing a few things.  

1. Relive Awards Season

Every semester I never have time to watch the Oscars, the Grammys, or the Golden Globes. I’m always bitterly cramming in Huntsman on a Sunday night and the extent of my awards knowledge comes from Buzzfeed gifs.  I’ve decided to not only rewatch all the awards shows, but also all the nominated movies that I’ve missed out on.


2. Be a tourist in my own city

Living in Los Angeles, I’ve always scoffed at tourists clad in Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs posing with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In reality, I haven’t visited a lot of iconic tourist attractions that are in my own backyard because “only embarrassing tourists go there.” Whether you’re from a big city or a smaller town, it’s actually pretty cool to be a tourist and see some of the things that make your home different.


3. Doing something meaningful

At Penn, my life is contained in a 4-block radius. It’s hard to remember that there’s more going on outside of the bubble of Locust Walk, with midterms, the line at Sweetgreen and who to bring to a date night acting as sources of stress. Taking a day out of your spring break to volunteer and do community service is a nice way to put our lives at Penn into perspective and do something meaningful.


4. Treat Yo Self

Have you ever felt guilty for watching Netflix instead of doing work? Do something nice like going to get your nails done or sleeping in as late as you want without the nagging pressure of studying distracting you. 



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