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Annabelle Hackney

Name: Annabelle Hackney

Hometown: Martha’s Vineyard 

Major: Communications 

Relationship status: Single but considering catfishing Trevor Noah

Best Quality: Very good at rapping Eminem

Worst quality:  Very good at rapping Eminem

Celeb Crush: Legalos in LOTR, c’mon that hair 

Describe the hook up culture at Penn in 3 words: Can you leave? 

Favorite BYO: Bejing – window seat non-negotiable

Favorite Drunk eating spot on campus: Wishbone mac & cheese

Sabiest place to study: Saxby’s 

Adivce to your freshman year self: All the recitations you thought were optional, were actually mandatory. 

Favorite Penn social evet: State day BABY!

Best restaurant to go with you parents: Barbouzo 

Describe downtowns in 3 words: that’ll be $200


I am an editorial contributor for the Lala.com which is a start-up website that aims to bring substantive content to the forefront of women’s college media. The articles and images on the site are created by college women with the goal to inspire and empower. They just launched a shop with awesome gear as well, so check it out!

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