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Allie Baretta W’17

Name: Allie Baretta


Year: Junior


Major: Finance and OPIM in Wharton


Hometown: Cincinatti


1)    What is BMOC?

BMOC is our annual philanthropy event where guys from different groups on campus dance with their friends and OAX girls in a competition at the Roxxy all to benefit Women Against Abuse.

2)    What is Women Against Abuse?

Women Against Abuse is our chosen philanthropy, they are a non-profit in Philadelphia that works with victims of domestic violence and operates safe havens and support for these women and their children.

3)    What is your involvement with BMOC?

This year I’m the VP of Philanthropy so my job is overseeing all of BMOC and ensuring that we raise as much money as possible for Women Against Abuse. Sadly this means I can’t be in a dance, but there’s next year!

4)    What’s your favorite part about BMOC?

Watching my friends pretend they can dance. Also, it’s amazing how much of a difference our event makes to Women Against Abuse.

5)    What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while you’ve been working on BMOC this year?

Receiving the swimsuit songs chosen by contests has provided a good laugh.

6)    Since this year’s theme is 90’s, what is your favorite 90’s jam?

Obviously Tearin Up My Heart – NSYNC.


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