Alejandra Lee


Name: Alejandra I. Lee       

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Relationship status: Single

Major: Wharton, concentrating in Marketing and OIDD

Fun fact about yourself: I always try new names when I go to Starbucks  

Favorite spot to eat on campus: Bobby’s

Favorite BYO: Marrakesh

Current five fave song recommendations:

  1. Rockabye (Clean Bandit)
  2. La Bicicleta (Shakira)
  3. Can’t Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake)
  4. 24kmagic (Bruno Mars)
  5. Tous les Mêmes (Stromae)

Favorite event at Penn: Spring Fling

Advice for freshman year self: Talk to professors and friends about your startup ideas and start working on the best one

How did you come up with the Candeed Apparel idea? Candeed started one year ago, when I felt utterly helpless watching short videos about the hardships that people go through. I wanted to be part of the solution, but I didn’t know how. After a bit of chance, I came across a lack in our system that created an opportunity. Surprisingly, there were very few socially conscious clothing brands, even given TOMS’ and Warby Parker’s success. This was my chance to have an impact while working on something I love. I envisioned a clothing company where every single product would provide tools to people in need so that they could improve their own lives in a sustainable way. A clothing company where, for example, the purchase of a dress provides a year’s worth of school material for a high school student or the purchase of a pair of shoes provides 10 meals to foster children. A clothing company where every single purchase creates an impact.

What has been your biggest obstacle with this initiative? Balancing school and startup work while also enjoying college and having fun