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8 Spring–Summer Trends You Need to Hop on Right Now

Now that the longest winter on record is finally ending and spring is in sight, many of us are looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store, as well as curating the perfect closet to go alongside it.

Unlike previous years, where we’d be prepping for a girls’ trip, a weekend away, a family vacation, or dinners with friends, most of our 2021 calendars are looking pretty scarce. With the world still in varying levels of lockdown, that once–in–a–lifetime trip to Europe will probably have to wait.

Despite not knowing what the future will look like, the ever reliable nature of the fashion world gives us at least some idea of what our wardrobes will look like. Let’s just say the Spring–Summer 2021 trends will definitely renew your excitement for getting dressed in the morning. After a whole year of changing from one pair of sweats to another, it’d be an understatement to say that I’m looking forward to seeing what the warmer months have in store (at least in the style department!)

Scouring the online runways of Paris, London, Milan, and New York, I managed to make a cheat sheet for this season’s biggest trends.

Crop Tops

Nothing screams summer quite like the crop top, which seems to be the top du jour for this summer season. You can layer a bandeau style top with a cardigan or blazer jacket à la Hermes for a more tailored look that’s still appropriate for the heat. 

You can even try a printed bralette underneath the crop top to achieve the perfect beach look. On the flip side, you could embrace being extra and create an evening look by opting for an embellished shirt.

Statement Sleeves

Voluminous statement sleeves are back—and to be honest, they never really left. I, for one, could not be happier that this larger–than–life statement piece is sticking around. Pair a top with puffy sleeves and a statement trouser for a versatile look that works during both day and night; or, pair with a skirt or shorts for a picnic–ready look. 

The main takeaway? The puffy sleeve midi trend is not going anywhere, so invest in a few stylish tops to last you for seasons to come.


Despite the fact that these pieces will likely cause some interesting tan lines, tops and dresses with quirky cut–outs seem to be all the rage this season. Cutouts give your otherwise basic tops and sundresses a bit of an edge by flashing some skin around the waist or displaying an unexpected detail near the hips or thighs. Just be sure to pack sunscreen with you when you go out!

Sheer Materials

Sheerness and showing skin aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and understandably so. This season’s runways, however, brought a host of new ways to embrace the trend. Try layering a semi–sheer dress over a swimsuit for the perfect 70s–inspired beach look; or throw one on over your mini–dresses for a layered look still appropriate for the warm weather.


For those of us craving a bit more sparkle in our wardrobe, this season is a godsend—embracing the glittery goodness is definitely in. So, bust out your metallic silver dresses, your sparkly tops and skirts, and your sequined purses for the perfect going–out look. One piece of advice: don’t wear all of your glittery pieces together, unless you want to look like a disco ball! 


When shopping for the summer season, pastels are always the way to go. A classic summer staple, they’re a safe option for those of us who want to be trendy without the risk of a fashion faux pas. 

These soft hues come in almost every color and can be incorporated into any outfit. Whether it be with other pastels or neutral hues, if you stick to these soft shades, you’ll have the perfect summer look for any occasion!

Wide–Leg Pants

High–waisted, 80’s–style trousers, cropped culottes, and utilitarian cargo pants are back and better than ever. Pairing the pants with a bralette top will create a stylish, feminine finish. You can also layer a slouchy jacket on top of a basic t–shirt or sweatshirt for effortless tom–boy chic. 


One of the more unusual emerging trends in the upcoming season is netting. Netting has managed to find its way into our closets in a wide variety of ways; from close–knit dresses and vests to throw over layers, the netting trend has taken social media by storm. 

Fishnet–inspired material offers a slightly different, bolder take on the sheer trend. To achieve the perfect beach night look, throw an open–knit dress or skirt over a swimsuit; for a more polished look, layer your mesh over a cocktail dress.

As summer approaches and the world opens up, it gives all of us the opportunity to grab those summer dresses from the back of our wardrobes. As we brush off our crop tops and pastels, we can also look forward to brighter months ahead.

Aidah is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a planning on majoring in Biology.
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