7 Last-Minute Decorations to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

HALLOWEEN (a.k.a the best national holiday in the world) IS HERE!!! While I love being at college during the fall season, being in Philly also means I won’t be able to decorate my house. One of my favorite Halloween traditions is to hand out candy to all the children trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and seeing all of the jittery kids in their new Halloween costumes. But as we get older, we slowly outgrow trick-or-treating and need to start finding other ways to release our spooky angst. The solution: dorm decorations!

Let me set the scene for you: back at home, you went full out with Halloween decorations. Your trees had ghosts, your windows had jellies, and cobwebs covered nearly every possible square inch of your house. Here at college, however, it is hard to decorate the way that you decorate at home. But the easiest way to decorate at Penn is to decorate your door with spooky essentials that will have your hallmates screaming for their lives every time they pass by! Not only will you be greeted by the Halloween spirit each time you open the door, but you might also start a trend in your hall.

Here is a list of different decorations you can use to get into the Halloween spirit! What’s better, everything can be purchased from Amazon! With Amazon Prime, these last-minute decorations can be in a locker at the Amazon Center the next day!

  1. 1. Garland to Put Around Your Door Frame

    My Amazon Pick

    Putting this garland around your doorway is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Anyone walking down the hall will be possessed by your Halloween fervor and will be overcome with the desire to decorate their own door! 

  2. 2. Halloween-Inspired Fairy Lights

    My Amazon Pick

    I love these fairy lights, and they’ve been in my Amazon cart forever! When purchasing fairy lights to decorate your door, look for ones that are battery operated. You don’t want to deal with fairy lights that won’t light up because you can’t plug them in.

  3. 3. Snazzy Doorbell

    My Amazon Pick

    I am so excited to buy this doorbell! Granted, it might get annoying when drunk freshmen walk by your door at 4 am, but it’s an incredibly memorable accessory. People will remember this doorbell even if they get blackout drunk. I can already hear people saying, “Remember that chick with the dope doorbell?” This doorbell is a great way to introduce your friends into your epic Halloween kingdom!

  4. 4. Cobwebs

    My Amazon Pick

    I don’t know about you, but when I see cobwebs, all I can think about is a vintage haunted house in the middle of nowhere. That’s the definite Halloween aesthetic right there. Cobwebs are super easy to hang up and are an easy way to tell passers-by you’re hanging with spiders and raving with skeletons. You can hang them up with tiny command strips or use some clear scotch tape as well! 

  5. 5. Shoelaces

    My Amazon Pick

    We all know that white shoes are in, which unfortunately also means that the majority of our shoelaces are white...the exact opposite to Halloween black. Yuck. However, there is no need to fear. These black skull shoelaces are on my list! The contrast between your white shoes and  these black shoelaces will draw all wandering eyes straight to your spooky feet.

  6. 6. Pins to Decorate Your Backpack/Coat

    My Amazon Pick

    Depending on your bag/sweater, decorating can be a great Halloween option. I love this set of 8 pins because they add a subtle retro vibe to your Halloween aesthetic. Pins are a great way to decorate your backpack and thin coats because they (thankfully) usually don’t leave big holes.

  7. 7. Stickers to Decorate Your Water Bottle

    My Amazon Pick

    The VSCO girl movement is sweeping the nation. They stand for saving the turtles, wearing scrunchies, and most importantly...carrying around their Hydro Flasks (I am only making fun of them because I’m basically a VSCO girl myself). Decorating water bottles is so much fun, and having a fun Halloween theme just makes it even cuter and spookier.

And there you have it! Seven easy and fun ways for the last-minute decorator to get into the Halloween spirit. I hope you all have a spectacular Halloween!