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6 Things I Never Knew I Needed: TikTok Edition

As an active member of the Vine generation, I swore I would never download TikTok – it was full of pre-pubescent teens doing random dances. Yet, here I am now. 

I decided to see what the hype was about, and now I’m obsessed. I can literally spend hours on the app, but I justify it by calling it “educational.” But, in all seriousness, I have learned about so much from TikTok – everything from skincare to overall life hacks. 

Keep reading to see some of the best products I have learned about through TikTok!

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

This product has been raved about on TikTok. Not only is it super effective, but it’s also extremely inexpensive. It’s in the name: the product is a peeling solution that basically exfoliates the top layer of your skin and introduces a new baby-soft layer below. Peeling solutions can be on the pricier end, but this one retails for $7.20! That’s less than the price of my Chipotle bowls. Although I haven’t tried this product, I swear by this line. The Ordinary is a super pure skincare brand. I especially love their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum (it’s a dupe for the Glossier Super Pure that is nearly 5x the price of The Ordinary’s). 

Conair Fabric Defuzzer

Does anybody else hate the fuzzies that form in the thigh area of leggings after a while? The unavoidable pileup of fuzz makes me want to buy a new pair of leggings! My bank account would cry if I bought a new pair of Lululemon’s each time—and now I won’t have to because of this product! It “shaves” fabric down and ultimately gets rid of all the fuzzies. Make your leggings look brand new for only $12 with this product!

Zote Pink Soap Bar

I am the laziest when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes and sponges. I don’t know how to start, and I end up buying expensive cleaning products that I don’t even use. TikTok introduced me to this soap bar that’s just $1 at Walmart! Just rub your wet brush against the bar, which is basically solidified laundry detergent, and voila! Clean brushes for everybody.

The Poppy: Nail Polish Bottle Handle

As a rightie, I cannot manicure my right hand for my life. I find people who can do their own cute manicures are so impressive. I hate having to break the bank every time I want to have nice looking nails. But with this product, which is only $16, you can get more of a grip on the polish to do more precise strokes. I cannot wait to try this product!

The Rocketbook Notebook

This is an environmentally friendly notebook that you didn’t know you needed! The pages are similar to whiteboard material, and it comes with a special pen and rag. The ink stays, but is still easily removable. There’s even an app that goes along with the notebook, which allows you to upload your notes digitally before you erase them. GENIUS!

HALLUCI Plush Slippers

Nothing makes me feel boujee-er than a good pair of plush slippers. These cross-band furry slippers will have you feeling luxurious in your own house for less than $25! They even come in a bunch of cute colors. My personal favorites are the baby pink ones and the beige ones. 

TikTok is really the new Infomercial. 


Sylvia Goldfond is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania and is a Cognitive Science major from Kearny, New Jersey. Her interests in women helping other women has led her to a platform for just that, Her Campus! You can most likely find her making a new Spotify playlist in a room with holiday lights on full-year or playing with her shitzu-poodle puppy named Lucky.
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