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5 Trendy and Affordable Closet Staples for the Winter Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

Winter’s finally here, which means it’s time to start getting cozy by pulling out the hot cocoa, ornaments, and fuzzy blankets. Just admit it – we all love this time of listening to holiday music, huddling around warm fires, and snuggling up to watch a holiday movie with our friends and family.

However, along with all your indoor winter preparations, it’s equally important to start filling your shopping cart with winter fashion essentials! If you want to be on trend this winter, let me introduce you to five staples you need in your closet:

Puffer Jackets

An all-time favorite of mine, puffer jackets not only keep you warm in colder temperatures, but are absolutely phenomenal paired with jeans and black boots. With puffer jackets, you don’t ever need to sacrifice your health for a cute and presentable outfit! They’re super versatile, so go crazy with the colors. Go all out with a neon green or neon pink puffer for a more street style vibe, or tone it down with a beige or brown jacket.

PopSugar details all the Puffer Jackets that are in trend this season. Some of my personal favorites – both affordable and warm – are the Uniqlo Women Ultra Light Down Cocoon Parka and the Polly Puffer Jacket in Beige from Princess Polly. However, be aware that these are my personal recommendations; make sure to find a puffer that perfectly fits you and your style so that it becomes a timeless classic for your closet.

Black Boots

Black boots are another closet staple that seem to never go out of style. The fact that you can dress up your outfit with a stiletto type heel or keep it simple with black platform boots makes these shoes another versatile and highly adaptable piece.

Personally, I have about five different pairs of black boots in my closet that I take turns wearing depending on the occasion. I wear my Doc Martens on a daily basis (with thick, ankle-high socks, of course) or my Zara platform boots (as if, 5’8,” I’m not tall enough already!) when I decide to go out for a fancy dinner or meal with the family. 

If you need inspiration to figure out which black boots are the right fit for you, I would start with this list from Vogue that breaks down the bestselling black boots of the season. Before I dove into the world of black boots, articles like this helped jumpstart my journey!

Knit Turtleneck 

I used to stay far, far away from turtlenecks; I hated the way they looked on me and would often wonder why people would purchase them in the first place. That was until I bought my first sleeveless turtleneck, which turned out to be a major game changer. 

I would always feel stuffy and claustrophobic wearing a turtleneck underneath a larger puffer jacket or coat; however, when I’m wearing a knit sleeveless turtleneck, all those problems disappear. Not only am I warm and cozy due to the knit, but I also no longer feel suffocated by thick fabric on my arms.

I would highly recommend purchasing one for layering outfits, even during warmer seasons like fall or spring. My favorite is this black high collar knit top from Zara. Add this piece to your closet to spice up your daily wardrobe and class up more sophisticated outfits!

Midi and Maxi Skirts

During colder seasons, we layer up on top but often neglect our legs. Luckily, with a midi or maxi skirt, you can wear leggings or tights to keep warm while styling a cute and elegant outfit.

I discovered midi and maxi skirts pretty recently, and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. Pairing a long, flowy skirt with a sweater, sleeveless turtleneck, black boots, or a puffer jacket all work. You can even mix and match with different patterns! Personally, I have a cheetah print midi skirt and a navy blue maxi skirt I wear in outfits at least once a week.

This Pinterest board has some great inspiration for matching midi/maxi skirts with your closet!

Yoga Pants (Flared Black Pants)

To be completely honest, if you told me flared yoga pants were going to make a comeback this winter season, I would’ve never believed you. However, Emma Chamberlain’s iconic outfits have brought this closet staple back into the mainstream, and I’m not complaining about it.

This piece is extremely comfortable, and its simplicity makes it the perfect pair of pants to pair with a unique or cozy top! I like to wear flared yoga pants with a sweater or sweater vest to fit the fall/winter aesthetic. 

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of yoga pants, I recommend Amazon’s Yoga Bootcut Pant, but if you want to splurge, check out Lululemon’s Groove Pant Flare Super High-Rise.

Finding outfits this winter season may seem stressful, especially with constantly changing trends and pieces, but I hope you found this article helpful. I wish you luck in your shopping journey!

Izi Lee

U Penn '24

Izi is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania! Izi is hoping to major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, maybe even minoring in Nutrition! She loves to bake, cook, eat, and sleep. She is from Seoul, South Korea and SF Bay Area.