5 Style Rules I Can't Live Without

  1. 1. Sleek

    Shoes, hairstyles, and entire looks — sleek and fitted will never go out of style in my playbook. Fitted pieces add a refined and more elegant look to any outfit by creating a silhouette perfect for mixing and matching with other pieces. Some of my favorite staples include black leather calf boots and black suede over-the-knee boots. One of my favorite hairstyles is the sleek middle-part styled either down or in a low ponytail, which works to create a more mature look and accentuate your face shape. Some other honorable mentions include fitted jeans and leather pants, which help to create that same silhouette effect.

  2. 2. Oversized

    My go-to look is an oversized sweater or button down shirt. Their versatility is truly unparalleled because it can serve as the focal point of a look, and bottoms and shoes can be styled around them. For oversized sweaters, I tend to stick to neutrals such as light greys, which can be paired with either blue denim jeans and sleek black boots for a more stylish look or sneakers for a more comfortable feel.

  3. 3. Neutrals

    Sweaters, scarves, shoes, you name it. Neturals are everywhere to be found in my closet, with the occasional pop of color. The idea behind neutral shades is that they offer incredible versatility for your wardrobe. I find neutral colors such as beiges, grays, and creams can be easily styled or layered with other neutrals and even the occasional bold shade. Keeping neutral items in your closet can keep you from buying items that you’ll only wear once or twice or even seasonally. Neutrals are in business year-round and I’m positive your bank account will thank you for it.

  4. 4. Gold Accessories

    Everything ranging from necklaces, rings, and even classic watches are timeless additions that can spice up any look. For shirts with low collars like button downs and V-necks,  gold necklaces are the perfect accessory to add to the otherwise plain collarbone and chest region. Additionally, gold watches worn over grey or black turtlenecks or long sleeves create subtle color contrast and a classy elegance that fits any professional or formal look. Mejuri is one of my favorite brands and is an excellent source of fine luxury jewelry that carries subtle elegance and timelessness.

  5. 5. Black

    Amy Winehouse said it -  back to black is always a wonderful decision. Black is one of the most important colors to have in your wardrobe because it brings outfits together and looks good when paired with nearly everything. The range that black has is unmatched and it wouldn’t hurt to add more of this color to your closet. I’m talking black denim jeans, (mini) dresses, leather jackets, shades, and shoes to name a few. These are some my personal favorites and if I recommend any pieces to have, I’d start with these.

Enjoy these style pointers and, of course, stay crafty and true to your own personal style.