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5 Products That Got Us Through Finals Week

Finals were rough this semester. Our days were filled with endless procrastination, stress-eating and way too many flashcards, but, of course, there were things that made this finals season a lot better. Here were the five things that got us through this finals season:

5. Chipotle BOGO Burrito Cards:

Chipotle is bae. BOGO burrito cards, courtesy of the Her Campus Finals Survival Kit, certainly made things a lot better and gave us the perfect excuse to take a study break and socialize with friends.

4. Luna Bar Chocolate Peppermint Sticks

For the student always on the go, Luna Bars were our go-to snack. The chocolate peppermint seasonal flavor was a pleasant reminder of all the joys of the holiday season that waited after finals. 

3. Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Samples:

It’s nearly impossible to avoid getting sick during finals week, and Cold-EEZE certainly had the Her Campus Penn team feeling a lot better. The orange tablets provided natural immune support to guide us through the week.

2. Kettle Brand Hey Neighbor Kits

For times when all we wanted to do was indulge, we really did with the Kettle Brand maple bacon popcorn and salt and cracked pepper chips. The crunchy snacks were great to share with friends, and the popcorn was bacon flavored. Bacon popcorn. Yes.

1. CamelBak Pink Eddy Bottles

Hydration is always important, even during finals week! We stayed fresh, energized and hydrated by always keeping our CamelBaks on us. 


Thank you to Cold-EEZE, Chipotle, Kettle Brand, TRESemmé, LUNA, CamelBak, Bayer/Timeline Project, chain & charcoal, BaubleBar.com, Aritzia, and Cosabella for the amazing samples! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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