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A 5 Minute Makeup Routine Before Your 8 AM

Your alarm is not necessarily your best friend in the morning — no matter which song you decide to set it to before you get sick of it and have to change it. Getting up before eight as a university student is not entirely ideal, and some days it seems daunting and impossible. But, having an early start to your morning can be beneficial. It sets you on a path of productivity before noon, puts your sleep schedule on track, and gives you a start to your day when everyone else is still in a groggy state of mind.

The biggest secret to waking yourself up? Having a set makeup routine, even if it’s comprised of a few simple steps. Not only will focusing on something as therapeutic yet detailed as makeup help you combat the desire to skip class, but getting ready before your 8 AM will make it less likely for you to crawl in bed and sleep for hours afterward.

Chances are, as a Penn student, you might not have gotten as much sleep as you wanted the night before. Too often, this translates into panda eyes. While there’s no shame in rocking under-eye circles (I personally consider mine a badge of honor earned by staying up to write an essay the night before), it can be more convenient at times to try to mask their purple appearance. Concealer is going to become your best friend, and the best ones can be found at the CVS on 34th and Walnut. Swipe some of this under your eyes and pat it in with either a damp beauty blender, or for efficiency, your ring finger. If you feel the need to cover any blemishes, now would be the time as well. Set it with some face powder after you’re positive there’s nothing peeking out that you don’t want your Math 104 class to see.

Another key to looking more awake is blush. Bringing color to your cheeks makes you appear to have been up for a while and also adds a nice hue to your face. Brush some across the apples of your cheeks while smiling and then lightly bring it up slightly, fanning it out in a gradient. If you have extra time, you can go ahead and add some highlight (the step I personally feel to be necessary at all times). Sparkle paired on natural skin is a beautiful combination, and will give you that sun-kissed look mere hours after the sun has risen.

As we move away from the skin, the main focus is the eyes. Here is your best opportunity to liven up your look with the least amount of time: using a black liquid eyeliner, coat the band above your lash line with a thin swipe, before layering your favorite mascaras over your eyelashes. Take some of your highlighter and pop some on your inner–corner and above your eyebrows. Speaking of eyebrows, make sure to save some time at the end to fill yours in if you normally like to do so, as having full brows always helps start the day right.

Given that you’re going to probably be drinking coffee on your way to class, pop your favorite tinted lip balm in the front pocket of your backpack or your pencil case and remember to apply it once you’re done with your iced latte. It’ll not only bring color to your lips, but also help to keep them moisturized. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Hopefully this guide will help you master the 5 minute makeup morning routine, and save you some time in your day to be productive. So get up, get going, and most importantly, try to make it to class on time!

Mehek Boparai is a current freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, in the College of Arts and Sciences. She's an English major on a Pre-Medical track but in between reading Jane Austen or her bio textbook she loves writing poetry, watching old films, and doing fun photoshoots. She's a huge sunset enthusiast and hopes one day to live in an area of large open fields and flowers.
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