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5 Fall Fashion Trends, Courtesy of NY Fashion Week 2013

From February 4 to 14,  the world of fashion had its eyes narrowed at the Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week. Here are five fashion trends collected from the miraculous collections that graced the New York runways. Hopefully this will heed as a premonition of what to look for this fashion season. As a general note, fashion should be used as an extension of your personality. Make sure to mold these trends to fit your individual style! Fashion should be used as a method of artistic inspiration rather than as a strict guideline.

Suiting blazer

A suit blazer has been an essential fall wardrobe piece for many seasons and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. This trend is easily translatable into any college student’s closet for its versatility in wear and polished look. With this in mind, a simple change in fit, texture, or color can work with any woman’s personal style. For casual wear, try contrasting the fit of the blazer with the top you are wearing underneath. For example, if you have a tighter dress or top underneath, reach for a boyfriend-fit blazer to give an effortless silhouette. In addition, designers such as Steven Allen and Narcisco Rodriguez took a modern spin to the classic blazer by playing with varied color schemes and materials.

Narcisco Rodriguez Fall 2013

Black and white with pop of color

It’s easy to get into a monochromatic slump with your wardrobe, but try to amp up your outfit with a splash of color. This can be through a cardigan, a pair of flats, or even lipstick! The standard color most people reach for to achieve this look is a cherry red. It contrasts both black and white beautifully and emits a mod era beauty. This season, designers have decided to broaden their range. Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, the master artists of casual wear, are reaching out for mustards and ceruleans to achieve a modern twist to such a classic color combo.

Michael Kors Fall 2013

Elegant prints

Reminiscent to the times of the Renaissance, the debuting pieces by Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera were graced with elegant prints and ornate decor. The pieces were billowy and effortlessly romantic. Oscar de la Renta exemplified this trend beautifully in the image below with a fabulous, floral printed shift dress, a gold statement necklace, strappy raspberry heels, and a purple handbag. This grandiose trend can be translated to any woman’s closet through embroidered pieces, feminine color schemes, and—of course—elegant prints.

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013


Last fashion week, emerald was hailed as the color of the year as the jewel tone that repeatedly graced the runways. This season many designers have toned down to the neutrals, with many gravitating towards camel shades. This trend was specifically emphasized in The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s ready-to-wear fashion brand. Other designers such as Rachel Zoe and Derek Lam have hopped on the camel bandwagon through chunky knitwear and structured trenches.

Derek Lam Fall 2013

Mixing rough textures

For those of you who have a more bold and daring sense of style, this is a trend you can experiment with using the items you already have in your closet. Mixing rough textures evokes strength and confidence that can naturally command attention – hopefully in the right way when done right! Materials such as tweed, leather, or wool can be intermixed to take an all-black ensemble to an entirely new level of fashion. As a word of warning, try to stick with neutral colors. It’s very easy to make this look appear eclectic or overdone.

Rag & Bone Fall 2013

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