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3 Stimulating Websites for (Almost) Guilt-free Procrastination

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Penn chapter.

With warmer weather comes the cold, hard reality that final exams are approaching. Whether it’s a 15-page paper you have to write or an astrology exam you haven’t started studying for, it’s easy to get distracted. Though procrastinating with websites such as Buzzfeed, Reddit, or Facebook may be tempting, they may not be the best for your finals mindset.  While there are lots of tips on how to avoid procrastination, sometimes it just seems unavoidable. The following websites provide intellectually stimulating distractions you’re bound to feel less guilty about!

1. Sporcle

Sporcle is a trivia quiz website in which users are given a set time limit to name all the items within the given subject. Quizzes range from countries in Africa to one word movie posters. Impress yourself with how much you know compared to people around the world, or use the site as a learning experience. 

2. Free Rice

Free Rice combines the benefits of testing your knowledge, learning new things, and giving back. The nonprofit website donates 10 grains of rice for every multiple-choice question answered correctly. If you get an answer wrong, an easier question will be generated, and your wrong-answered question will return a few turns later. With subjects ranging from famous paintings to chemical symbols, German to world landmarks, and different levels of difficulty, you’ll seldom find yourself bored.

3. Unplug the TV

What its name might already hint at, Unplug the TV is determined to decrease the endless flow of mind-numbing television by providing a website filled with informative, quality videos that will expand your thinking. Videos featured on the site come from sites such as PBS, TED, and Khan Academy. A simple click of the button allows a new video to come up at random. An archive also provides a list of great videos you can browse through.

Although there’s nothing that beats sitting down and getting your work done without distraction, these websites will promote entertainment that isn’t mind numbing. If anything, at least you’ll feel better than deciding to watch several hours of cat videos on Youtube.


Images courtesy of: EfficientLifeSkills.com; Sporcle.com; Blogspot; Photobucket.