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10 Things to Remember When Prepping for Fling

As we ease out of our study garb and into our Fling tanks, it is important that we don’t get too excited and forget some crucial items to keep on us during our oh-so-exciting David Guetta performance.

The list below is not all inclusive, and maybe some of these things don’t pertain to you; however, keep in mind that if you haven’t thought of bringing some of these items along, maybe you should. On the same note, included are some things that are better left at home, and if you were planning on bringing them along, just reconsider.


1. A fanny pack; unless you have a bra with secret compartments or shorts with deep pockets, the fanny is the best way to keep you accountable for your stuff at all times. 

2. Your Penncard.

3. Emergency cash. Yes, we are on campus. Yes, you won’t need to cab back to your dorm, but it doesn’t hurt to have some safety cash (this does not mean to bring the Benjamins, $10 should be enough).

4. Water. Someone once said, “if you are thirsty, you are already dead.” Don’t let the thirst monster catch you; plus, buying water is so expensive.

5. Safe, cheap fun stuff (e.g., glowsticks, crappy sunglasses, beaded necklaces).



1. A bad attitude. Nobody likes a downer (especially during Fling season), so if you aren’t feeling so hot, rest-up before you head out.

2. Your entire wallet — only keep the essentials mentioned above with you at all times.

3. Anything you don’t want to lose (not that you are going to lose anything, but don’t take anything valuable– err on the side of caution).

4. Nice shoes— they will not come out looking the way you want them; so if you like them at all, don’t wear them. 

5. Illegal substances. Do what you will before and after coming to Fling, but nothing is more of a buzzkill then getting a citation and a hefty bill. 


Happy Flinging!

Images courtesy of: Showbams; Bam Wholesale; SoGood Blog.






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