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We’ve all been there — doubting our capabilities, asking ourselves why things are so tough right now, and dreading the next task ahead. While it is normal to think about these things, it isn’t actually all that good for our subconscious… after all, our thoughts really do shape our reality.

Leonard Cohen once said, “act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” Many past and present philosophers have agreed that what you think ultimately becomes your reality. When you think positively, positive things come into fruition. You begin to see more positivity around you and have a more positive outlook on life. The fact is, when you begin to think more positive thoughts, your subconscious mind turns those thoughts into reality by linking positive emotions and behaviours to them. The same thing also happens with negative thoughts, which attach to negative emotions and behaviours to create a negative reality that is no longer just inside your head. 


Think of it like this: when you are unhappy about something, negative emotions such as discontent, frustration, and anger attach to the thought, which are then projected onto the way you carry yourself. When people act on negative emotions, nine times out of ten, the outcome is much worse than if the situation would have been approached with a positive outlook. Don’t get me wrong — there are situations that deserve negative emotions. The trick is to not let these situations consume your mind. Feel what you need to feel, then let it go.

Here are some simple ways to adopt a more positive mindset:

The first way is to add gratitude to your life. Many people focus on what they lack or what they desire, rather than what they already have surrounding them. Take time to appreciate all that you have in your life, including your own self. 

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The second way is to change the voice in your head from saying things like “I do not want to do this” to “I am excited for the opportunity to…” This can make even the most undesirable task seem less undesirable by way of association with a more positive outcome. Perhaps it’s a chance to learn, a chance to tackle an obstacle, a chance to stimulate your mind, or a chance to nourish yourself. 

The third way is to try to see the good in all situations. Even when it seems like you’ve hit rock bottom, try to see the things you can pull from the situation to make you a better person or help you grow. This could even just be thinking of ways to help you move on. The trick here is to remember that even when things are bad, the good will always come back. By thinking positively, you can make the good come at an accelerated pace.  

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The fourth way is to create habits that reinforce positive thinking. Make sure to catch your thoughts when they start to wander in the negative direction. Notice how others around you are acting and remind them that negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes. 

The fifth way is to tackle problems at the source. The truth is that there isn’t an easy materialistic fix to most problems. Buying yourself something and changing your environment can make your unhappiness disappear for a short period of time, but it will always re-emerge once the materialistic facade has fallen away. You will always be unhappy if you do not change your mindset, no matter how much money and objects you have. 

It is so important to use your power to create the reality you want to live in. You hold the power in your energy; whatever you project will be reflected right back. Be mindful babes!

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash


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