After fifteen great years, one of TV's longest running Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows, Supernatural, has decided to announce that after season fifteen there will be no more of the Winchester brothers. On Friday March 22nd, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins released a joint video, expressing their love for the family they worked hard to create and to let their fans know that Season 15 of Supernatural would be its last.

The heart wrenching video came as a surprise to many of the fans, myself included, as most of us thought that the show Supernatural would never end.

Airing for the first time on TV in 2005, Supernatural has built a fanbase that is unreal and constantly growing. The story line follows Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who go on a search for their father John Winchester [ Jeffery Dean Morgan ]. Along the way, they form friendships that are unforgettable and make everyone watching fall in love with them over and over again. What starts as a simple search for their father turns into fifteen years of the brothers saving lives and ridding the world of everything that goes bump in the night.

Along with a major following, the cast has managed to give back to the public through their campaigns like: the “AKF” campaign, “RunPadsRun” campaign, “Family Always Has Your Back” campaign and many more.


The cast has shared 15 years worth of their time, traveling across North America and Europe to interact with their fans at their own conventions and at Comic-Cons. They have opened up their lives to their fans, giving us an inside look at their families and lives outside of the TV show.

Supernatural has become more than just a show, it's a family that has included everyone associated with the show. Both Danneel Ackles [ Jensen’s wife ] and Genevieve Padalecki [ Jared’s wife ] have become a major part of the Supernatural family. Both women having played a role on the hit TV series and have interacted with many of the Supernatural fans.

Now that this announcement of Supernatural officially coming to an end has been released, social media has been flooded with supportive and heartfelt posts regarding the show and the actors.

Despite the show coming to an end, many fans still keep smiles on their faces and continue to support the cast by posting videos to make other fans smile during what feels like a dark time for many Supernatural fans.

This show has changed not only the lives of the actors but the fans as well. Being a fan of Supernatural permanently ties you to the #SPNFamily. No matter what happens in the future, anyone who is a fan of Supernatural is permanently part of this loving and supportive family.

As sad as I was to learn that one of my favourite shows was coming to an end, it made me smile because the show was ending on a high note and everyone was still happy and loving what they were doing. I can say for certain that Supernatural has changed my life, along with many other people worldwide. Although Supernatural will be missed, we’ll always have social media, videos and the show itself to re-watch whenever we find ourselves missing the brotherly love of the Winchester brothers.

To Jensen, Jared, Misha & everyone else involved in bringing this show to life: thank you. We can’t wait to see what the final year of Supernatural brings for the Winchester brothers. We’re with you until the very end.