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Why You Should Try Essentrics Workouts

The pandemic has gotten us all finding innovative ways to keep active as we have ever so limited options now that public workout areas have shutdown or are operating with restrained capacity. 

We, nonetheless, need physical activity more than ever as day-to-day lifestyle can get quite sedentary. 

Since extensive exercise sessions can be tough to integrate into our daily schedule, the 22-minutes Essentrics Workouts put together by former-ballerina, Miranda Esmonde-White, are, simply, just the right fit. While targeting different parts of your body, these short and enjoyable workouts make sure to stretch and strengthen your entire core. 

Whether it be for posture improvement, leg strengthening, or impact-less cardio, these exercise sessions are just what you need to keep in shape.

Not to forget the marvelous settings in which these workouts are recorded. Miranda Esmonde-White takes us all the way down to Jamaica or Mexico to host her training modules, showcasing the beauties and wonders of nature down there. 

You will see, working out with Esmonde-White regularly will have your body craving these sessions. It feels good to be energized and your body asks nothing more than to be stretched, strengthened and cared for.


Fourth-year journalism student at UOttawa & La Cité, Rebecca is Senior Editor for the HCuO chapter—entering her fourth consecutive year with the team.
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